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Watching this week’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Tiffany and Ronald’s interview is coming up.

After Ronald totally botched his practice interview, did he stand a chance of getting his visa?

Even knowing where things now stand, fans are anxious to hear how the visa went.

Ronald has a lot of odds stacked against him. So how did it turn out?

Tiffany Franco Valentine's Day 2021 Tribute to Ronald Smith

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith appeared on the first season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Despite a number of issues, including Ronald’s gambling addiction, love one — and the two were married.

However, by the end of the season, Tiffany realized that South Africa is not where she wanted her children to grow up.

Tiffany Franco assembles a bedframe with help from Daniel

She took Daniel and Carley, the latter being her baby with Ronald, back to the United States.

It was an honest effort, but as a mother, she had to put her children ahead of her heart.

The plan was to go through with a marital visa application.

Ronald Smith suggests that Tiffany and the kids will move to South Africa

Ronald’s criminal history was a source of real concern.

His record could potentially sabotage his marital visa application.

It was enough that a K-1 visa application probably would have been a non-starter.

Tiffany Franco has great news about Ronald's visa

Now, on camera, we learned that most of the charges against Ronald had ultimately been dismissed.

That’s great for him for many reasons.

However, simply having that number of arrests could be a huge red flag … and so could the charges.

Tiffany Franco with Carley and Daniel

There was a drug charge stemming from a traffic stop.

But normal people are only cared about the potential driving impairment associated with that.

How bad are the other charges?

Ronald Smith is not willing to be permanently long-distance

In some cases, bad.

There’s a charge over alleged stolen money.

And at one point, Ronald was charged with armed robbery.

Tiffany Franco's dad is surprised by her news

Tiffany told her father, Carlos, all of this.

She wanted to make sure that he was fully aware.

He’s a big fan of Ronald, but Tiffany hadn’t let him in on Ronald’s past.

Carlos - is he gonna go back into his old habits?

She knew that she needed to tell her dad everything.

He had agreed to cosign Ronald’s visa application, so he deserved to know.

Carlos was admittedly torn, but ultimately decided to go through with helping Tiffany.

Carlos - but I never had my own family

However, it has been reported that Ronald’s visa journey was a successful one.

At least, up to a point.

Because clearly, things went horribly, horribly wrong very recently.

Tiffany and Ronald hashed out their drama in the comments under 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates’ post.

Accusations flew between them, though they did not directly interact … because it looks like Tiffany blocked Ronald on everything.

Of course, they have had ugly and public breakups before, so only time will tell where they end up.