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Real talk for a moment, you guys?

Angelina Pivarnick’s marriage to Chris Larangeira may be cursed.

This may sound extreme, and also a tad bit absurd, but think about the evidence:

The MTV personality’s wedding was ruined by her very own bridemaids, as JWOWW, Snooki and company used the opportunity to roast the heck ouf of their best friend on her big day.

Angelina Pivarnick FaceTimes

Now, about a year and a half later, there’s major chatter about this relationship being over for good.

On last Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, we learned that Angelina kicked her husband out of theirr home due to rumors of infidelity.

And on this week’s episode?

Pivarnick was the one accused of infidelity.

Photo via MTV

The romantic drama started when Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino’s wife, Lauren, received a text message from a family member whose hair dresser was complaining about Pivarnick while getting her hair washed.

So, yes, this whole thing is based around second-hand gossip — but it was juicy second-hand gossip!

"Angelina has been going to her neighbor’s house and Angelina keeps parking in the spot in front of her house and she is allegedly cheating on her husband with this girl’s neighbor," Lauren told Mike while reading the texts.

"Angelina is ‘throwing her garbage and chicken nuggets everyone outside.’"

Indeed, Pivarnick had been allegedly sleeping around AND littering.

Lauren continued, reciting what she was reading on these messages from this nameless sender:

"She says she has video footage of this on her door camera.

"She’s trying to sell these videos to the tabloids and she said Angelina was at her complex this morning when she left for work."

Trouble in marital paradise for Angelina isn’t news for viewers — or for The Situation.

"I’ve been talking to Angelina for a couple of weeks now," he explained on air.

"She said things were not good with Chris. She said she was filing for divorce. She said Chris was doing his thing.

"Maybe this is in response to her just getting a divorce and maybe it’s not even a big deal."

After being informed of these allegations Jenni was skeptical about the everything… yet she recalled how her own divorce from Roger Mathews was "unkind."

Therefore, she wanted Angelina to have all the information so she could "tell her side of the story before it gets spun into something else horrible."

Angelina didn’t appreciate it, however.

"It’s always upsetting and frustrating that Jenni always has to try and say dirt on me, she’s like all up in my biz. It’s like, girl, what the f— are you doing?" she said via confessional.

Chris & Angelina on the Red Carpet
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The real question, though, is what has Angelina been doing? And with whom?!?

Pivarnick said the claims were "not true," before asking to see the alleged footage of herself outside of this car.

"I don’t f—ing believe anything anyone’s saying anymore. If people have security footage, where is it then?" she asked.

From there, Pivarnick honed in in on the chicken nuggets of it all… and that truly set her off.

Photo via MTV

"I haven’t ate chicken in f—ing forever. I eat the two cheeseburger meal," she ranted, in amazing fashion.

"I have not had f—ing chicken tenders in forever. Chicken fingers, what? No, no, no," she exclaimed. "Come on. When you get my f—ing food order wrong, the whole thing’s wrong. This is ridiculous.

"People like to believe somebody else over me and it’s kind of bulls—. Now it’s like f—ing with my marriage.

"Get the video, I’m waiting for it. You guys gotta stop listening to everything you hear about me."

Angelina Pivarnick and Husband Chris

That may all be valid, but Mike realized there was still a danger here. 

"We don’t even know the validity of this girl, but this could be damaging. If this person is going to TMZ, this could ruin her life," he said.

And it’s true, right?

All that it takes to eff up one’s reputation for good is a strong celebrity gossip rumors — whether or not it’s accurate.

Photo via Instagram

Mike and Lauren (and everyone else) eventually got their hands on the videos in question, and they didn’t provide any answers.

"Maybe it’s not her," Jenni said while watching it.

"No, that’s her," boyfriend Zack agreed, as viewers only heard someone in the video who sure sounded a lot like Angelina exclaim, "Hello!"

(The footage itself was blurred by editors.)

Photo via Instagram

While viewers will need to wait to see how Angelina reacts to the footage, the episode concluded with her getting a call from Chris … saying they need to "talk about a couple things" and adding:

"We gotta talk about marriage."

"I have a knot in my stomach, like wow, it’s happening. He’s coming home," she said, before uttering the show’s final words this week: 

"Lord help me, Jesus."