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Just about three months after becoming a mother for the third time, Kendra Duggar has been blessed by another baby-related development:

She is now a sister!

For the eighth time!

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On Friday, May 21, Kendra’s mother’s, Christina, and her husband, Paul, announced they had welcomed another daughter into their family.

Sharing photos from the hospital, the experienced mother confirmed she has named the newborn Moriah Faith, adding that she was born on May 17, weighing in at the time at six pounds and five ounces.

"The person you have lived without your whole life. You can no longer live without!" wrote Christina on Instagam.

"Our world has paused. Soaking in this precious gift!"

Fans (and critics) of the Duggars learned in October that Kendra and her mother were pregnant at the same time, a most unusual development for sure — although it somehow marked the second time this happened to this same parent and daughter.

Kendra and husband Joseph proceeded to welcome Brooklyn Praise Duggar in late Februay, writing shortly afterward on social media:

"Feeling so grateful and blessed!

"It seems like just yesterday we were at the altar dreaming of a future together, including having children [and] here we are with another new addition and we couldn’t be more thankful for her."

Photo via Instagram

In addition to Brooklyn, the couple also shares two-year-old son Garrett and one-year-old daughter Addie.

The young mother, meanwhile, gave Counting On viewers an update on her daughter’s first days at home later in an episode that aired this winter on TLC, sharing:

"Brooklyn’s doing well.

"I feel like Garrett’s adjusted pretty well to Brooklyn, but I feel like Addie is still struggling, so we’re working through that right now."

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While at his family’s Easter celebration, Jospeh added:

"Easter is a time of renewal and new things budding and all that.

"And so we look at it as a great time for us to get adjusted to what it’s like with three kids and we’re just looking forward to what’s in store with our family."

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As you can see farther above, Kendra now seems pretty psyched about her mom’s latest baby, which marks child number-nine for Christina.

She has known the Duggars long before she became an official part of their family, too.

Jim Bob Duggar is rumored to have developed tremendous respect and admiration for Paul Caldwell, Christina’s husband and the pastor of the church all the Duggars attend.

By many accounts, Jim Bob and Paul arranged the marriage between Kendra and Joseph, which should not come as even a remote surprise to anyone who chronicles the Duggar in any way at all.

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Kendra’s mother giving birth, as you likely know, comes amid a far biggar Duggar famil scandal.

Oldest son Josh Duggar has been arrested on child pornograph charges and faces 40 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

His trial is scheduled to begin on July 6.