Mackenzie McKee: MTV Wouldn't Let Me Apologize to Cheyenne ... and Now They're Gonna Fire Me!

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Mackenzie McKee, of 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom 3 and eventually Teen Mom OG fame, is facing harsh criticism once more,

As you may remember, she got into a little bit of trouble a few months ago after making a racist comment on social media.

It was ... well, it wasn't great. That's putting it mildly.

Mackenzie Mc Kee

See, Mackenzie is a conservative.

Specifically one of the conservatives that hate Vice President Kamala Harris with the fire of a thousand suns, and so of course she feels the impulse to talk about how evil she is on Facebook.

That's exactly what she did back in January when she she shared an article about her and wrote "It blows my mind that out of all the amazing colored women in this world, that is the one who is making history."

Mackenzie McKee Smile

Yep, Mackenzie woke up in the year 2021 and decided to use the phrase "colored women."

She got a whole lot of backlash for the comment, and deservedly so.

And yet, she insisted that she wasn't racist and that what had happened was that she was "fearful of using 'black' and I thought colored and women of color was the same."

Mackenzie McKee in the House

It's been a few months since then and things have mostly blown over - there are so many scandals in the Teen Mom world that so few of them really stick - but now, the issue is coming up again.

It turns out that this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, the second part of the reunion special, will feature Mackenzie talking about all of this.

We know this because Mac went on quite the rant yesterday on Instagram Live and told her followers all about it.

And man, did she have a lot to tell.

Mackenzie on Season 9

She started off her now-deleted video by recapping what she'd said and by acknowledging:

"What I did and what I said was wrong, I was wrong for sharing the article, mixing the words up and being so ignorant that I didn't know the mixture of the words [was racist]."

She said that she wanted to address the issue more after it happened, but that MTV advised her to let them handle it, and well ...

Mackenzie McKee in Tears

"They didn't want to squash it right then," she alleges, "and there because they wanted it to be part of the show, and this is what you will see next Tuesday."

Mackenzie struggled to find her words for a bit and said some things about "cancel culture" and how she thinks COVID has divided people.

Because some people want to be the "mask police," her point being that she just wishes "everyone could come together," or something.

Mackenzie McKee in the Gym

After she made the comment about Kamala Harris, she said that she called the "head honcho" of Teen Mom and explain what happened.

McKee insisted that now that she knows the meaning of the word "colored," she hates it.

She wanted apologize "from my heart," but they told her "No, we have to train you because we want you to say what the people want to hear."

Mackenzie McKee and Josh McKee Picture

This isn't uncommon at all.

Plenty of workplaces offer sensitivity training, especially after incidents like this - but Mackenzie made it sound like it was completely ridiculous, like they wanted to train her like a dog.

Critical thinking doesn't seem to be her strong suit, but we'll learn more about that later on in the video.

Mackenzie McKee and Awful Husband

She said that MTV sent her a copy of the episode so she could watch it before it aired, and that watching their edit made her feel "sick."

She really did seem very upset that they wouldn't let her make her own public statement on it, but she said that they told her she shouldn't because it would make her look worse.

Judging by this video, that was a good call.

Cheyenne Floyd Modeling

Okay, so throughout all of this, she wanted to publicly apologize to Cheyenne Floyd, her fellow Teen Mom cast member and the only Black mom on the show, but MTV thought that was a bad idea too.

She ended up reaching out to Cheyenne personally, it's worth noting.

Mackenzie said they had a "beautiful conversation" and even agreed to do an Instagram Live together to talk about racism.

Cheyenne Floyd in Sweats

She said she "thought it was going to be amazing, and then things were just a downward spiral from there."

"Like my lawyer was calling, still calling me every single day explaining to me how I need to say sorry," she continued, "and I'm still confused why I can't get on and say sorry from my heart."

"I'm not the racist," Mackenzie declared. "I'm not racist, there's no proof I'm racist, and that word is very touchy, and cancel culture's big, we're cancelling people left and right."

Mackenzie McKee TikToks

That's why she decided not to do the Live with Cheyenne, because Cheyenne said that her comment was "ignorant" and that made Mac think that they were "no longer on the same page."

She said that she told her "I want to hold your hand, Cheyenne, and I need you to know that I love you."

Cheyenne's response?

"I have no sympathy for you. Welcome to day one of being uncomfortable because of the color of your skin."

Cheyenne on Season 9

Mackenzie then repeated that she wanted to hold Cheyenne's hand, that she loved her and wanted to stand beside her, but Cheyenne decided to stop contacting her after that.

"MTV is working with her," she said of Cheyenne, "and now I'm part of that storyline that racism exists. And it's taking my name down."

She then revealed that the network told her that if she wanted to stay on the show, she'd have to go through that sensitivity training, and that "For a month I was trained on how to say sorry."

"I kept hanging up the phone on the lawyer, on my manager, on everybody ... I'm like, 'why can't I get on social media and say sorry?'"

Mackenzie McKee Close Up

"I thought these people are out to protect me," she said. "But they're not. They're not out to protect me, they're out to protect their narrative."

She spent weeks talking to different organizations and learning about what she did and how to apologize for it, and she apparently filmed multiple apologies but none of them were good enough.

The people trying to educate her allegedly asked her things like "Do you support Santa Claus?" and when she said that she did, they said "Then you're racist."

Seriously, that's something she claimed.

Mackenzie Reacts

She also claimed that MTV wanted her to do "reversion therapy" because of her political views. Reversion therapy is not a thing that exists.

Look, it's not hard to see what's going on here.

If she felt comfortable enough using the term "colored" on Facebook, if her former friend called her "ignorant" and cut her off after a private conversation about racism, if her employer insisted she undergo training and then after weeks of training and failed apologies they recommended therapy ...

Mackenzie McKee OG

Maybe there really is an issue here, Mackenzie. 

It's something to consider, at the very least.

She said that if MTV decided to fire her after revealing all of this, then "that's that," although according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, her spot on the show is safe for now.

A source did tell the site though "someone made Mackenzie delete" the video, "and that she did not want to."

 Mackenzie McKee Ponders Life

This all just looks really, really bad for her, and it wouldn't be that big of a shock if they did end up letting her go over all of this.

Would anybody really be that upset if they did?

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