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We always knew that one of the Duggar kids would one day rebel against Jim Bob’s teachings and the ultra-conservative manner in which they were raised.

But for most of her life, Jill Duggar seemed like the least-likely candidate for such an uprising.

Jill married young, immediately started popping out kids, and seemed eager to follow in her parents’ footsteps.

Jill Duggar with a Smirk
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These days, however, she’s lashing out against her parents’ belief system in a way that makes Jinger’s decision to wear pants seem quaint by comparison.

(It’s easy to forget now, but Jinger actually created quite a stir when she cast off the floor-length denim skirts that had been part of the Duggar uniform for so long.)

Jill has cut off contact with her parents, but they’d probably be okay with that if she has continued following the rules and kept up appearances.

Photo via Instagram

Needless to say, that’s not what she’s been doing.

These days, Jill drinks alcohol, enjoys secular entertainment, and wears whatever she wants.

Jim Bob is reportedly displeased (of course) but since he and Jill are not on speaking terms, he hasn’t had the opportunity to lecture her or inform her that she’ll be going to hell.

Derick Dillard Smiles at Husband
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So right now, Jill’s living the dream, as she’s able to continue triggering Jim Bob without having to suffer any of his obnoxious feedback.

Case in point, the mother of two took to her Instagram Story this week to model some new attire.

One dress she tried on is ultra-conservative by the standards of any sane person, but as fans pointed out, it features a thigh slit that’s high enough to make Jim Bob’s blood boil.

"This dress is super cute, you can see the pattern here, it’s just got like a very sweet, boho feel, springy feel," she said on her Instagram Story.

"It’s lined also and it has a slit in the front but it’s just very airy and springy and super super cute."

Fans were equally excited about Jill’s home fashion show — especially because she’s showing off attire that would not pass muster with Jim Bob.

Jill In a Dress

"This feels exactly like Jill’s style lol," one person commented on the r/DuggarSnark subreddit.

"I feel bad her sisters aren’t getting a chance to explore what they feel attractive and confident in without having to worry about defrauding horny men," they added.

Yes, Duggar girls are taught from a young age that if they dress in a "provocative" manner, they’re defrauding men by offering a promise of sexual favors.

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Have we mentioned how perverse and twisted the Duggars’ belief system is?

"The slit goes up pretty high for fundies," another commented noted, adding:

"She very quickly shows her thigh. Jim Boob must be having a heart attack. Go Jill, tho!"

Jill Duggar Shows Off Her Hoop Piercing
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"It’s crazy that this modest dress would be considered scandalous by some," a third user chimed in.

"Right? Imagine looking at this dress and thinking ‘girl, cover up,’" another fan agreed.

Yes, when talking about acts of rebellion within the Duggar community it’s easy to laugh, as wearing a pair of jeans or a skirt with a slit in the side seems so hilariously tame by normal people standards.

Jill Duggar Loves Cofee
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But it’s important to bear in mind that Jill, Jinger and others who dared to butt heads with Jim Bob stuck their necks out by doing so.

We applaud them, and we hope they continue to live their own lives in whatever fashion they see fit.

Even if they don’t want to take their rebellion any further than the world of literal fashion.