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Okay, look.

Farrah Abraham is not about to win Mother of the Year.

She won’t ever finish in the Top 10, of that we’re certain.

There have been an endless array of times that Farrah’s actions with her 12-year old daughter, Sophia, have caused our eyes to roll into the backs of our heads.

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But this is not one of those times.

This, shockingly, is the one time where we’re gonna ask social media users to please give Abraham a break — and here is why:

On Monday, the former Teen Mom star shared a short video of her and Sophia out and about, shopping for tampons.

This also happened to be International Women’s Day, an occasion that Abraham figured she would celebrate by teaching her child some valuable lessons.

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"I definitely know I’m going to do my history right as a mom," said Farrah, with a mask hanging from her ear. "This is the test: can you find the best health and wellness on the aisle on the shelf?

"Now if my daughter cannot, well that means well, I guess we’re going to stay in the aisle until you can. Pass-fail, fail-pass."


That’s Abraham and her rambling for you.

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But Abraham was basically seeing if Sophia could properly pick out tampons for herself.

"Happy Woman’s History Month," Sophia told her mom’s followers in the clip. "And thank you mom for being educated."

"Oh thank you for being educated, honey," Farrah replied, before Sophia confirmed: "I found the right one."

As noted above, Farrah has done some really weird things over the past few years, such as dressing up like a nun and wearing a cross … considering her history of adult web cam usage.

Farrah Abraham Gets Vaccinated
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But making sure her daughter is familiar with her body and its needs?

We’re not sure if that qualifies, no matter what social media users out there might be saying.

"So is she trying to say Sophia got her 1st aunt Flo visit??" one confused follower asked.

"Thank you Farrah for being educated…" a second user sarcastically wrote, while another replied: "because we all know she attended Harvard."

Added yet another critic:

"Isn’t women’s history month about the women that made history and advanced women’s causes? Farrah keeps posting herself, who has only made history as a receptacle."


People can be harsh.

Farrah and Sophia In Alaska
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Would we film our almost-teenage daughter picking out a box of tampons? No.

There are many things Farrah has done that we would never do.

But can we pick our battles please?

Sex education is a rather important topic that should not be taboo and should not be something strangers mock a mother for doing.

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries
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Last summer, Farrah bragged that she taught Sophia all about the birds and the bees and, again, she was slammed hard at the time.

In our opinion, though?

You can and should trash Abraham for her love of Donald Trump.

Let’s cut her some slack when she’s actually offering her kid some solid advice, though, shall we?