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Amy Duggar has never shown much interest in the ultra-strict system of rules that her cousins are forced to follow.

And while the decision to follow her own conscience has lead to Amy being banished from Jim Bob and Michelle’s house, it’s also allowed her the freedom to do what she wants with her life, rather than being forced to follow the path laid out for her by her famous uncle.

Unlike Jim Bob’s daughters, Amy can drink alcohol, wear whatever she wants, and raise her child in whatever fashion she prefers.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King Pose

And while she was raised in a religion which requires that wives devote themselves to their husbands until their dying days, Amy no longer holds those beliefs.

In fact, since she no longer needs Jim Bob’s permission or approval, Amy can go ahead and get divorced if she wants to.

And some Duggar fans believe she’s decided to take advantage of that freedom …

Duggar and Dillon

The speculation began when Amy posted some seriously eyebrow-raising memes to her Instagram page.

"Give me a broken heart… over one lover," read one such meme.

"After a relationship ends it makes you stronger and you realize what you need in your life and what you don’t…." read another post.

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Amy has been married to Dillon King since 2015, and despite some very public rough patches, the couple has remained committed to one another.

Now, you can easily see why fans might have gotten the impression that Amy recently suffered some sort of heartbreak.

Not surprisingly, many of them took to Instagram to try and figure out if there’s a hidden meaning behind Amy’s posts.

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"Are you okay Amy" one fan commented on her Instagram page.

"Did you split?" another inquired, taking the more direct approach.

Another jumped right to the conclusion that Amy’s marriage has come to an end.

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"So true. I am sorry that you had to find this out," this person commented.

Word spread quickly, to the point that several Duggar communities on Reddit were largely convinced that Amy and Dillon had decided to call it quits.

We don’t know if Amy saw this widespread response or not, but she eventually issued a statement clarifying that she and her husband are still married.

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Whether or not they’re happily married … well, that’s a different matter entirely.

"I’m just saying relationships in general not my own…it’s ok to just share what I’ve learned as a person," Amy wrote.

"Apparently people are thinking I’m divorcing now.. sorry for the confusion!"

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Amy and Dillon welcomed their first child in 2019, and while they’ve been open about their past struggles, it seems they have no intention of going their separate ways.

In the past, Amy and Dillon appeared on Marriage Boot Camp and opened up about issues that most Duggar couples would have kept to themselves.

The upshot of all that candor is that we have no reason to question Amy’s honesty when she issues some sort of public statement.

And so, when she says she’s still married, we believe her — epsecially since she didn’t go so far as to claim that her marriage is perfect.