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90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima has used her YouTube channel to tackle a number of personal topics.

From opening up about her children to discussing her living arrangements, she’s an open book to fans.

That includes delving into the sometimes unpleasant drawbacks that come with OnlyFans stardom.

Some bad apples on that subscription site will steal from creators like Larissa in ways you might not expect.

Larissa Lima Discusses OnlyFans on YouTube

On Wednesday, February 17, Larissa Lima took to her YouTube channel to discuss OnlyFans — as you can see in our included clip.

She says that some will buy a “video that took hours to make, editing, you invested and now the person wants a refund? No, OK?”

Larissa roasts that these thieves will claim that they must have been drunk … and use this ploy to get free content.

Larissa emphasizes that making OnlyFans requires many things, including a financial investment for makeup, clothing, and lighting.

Additionally, one is competing with other creators — including those who have extremely inexpensive or even free OnlyFans — for subscribers.

So to have someone buy premium content from her, enjoy it, and then demand a refund isn’t just dishonest — it’s theft.

Larissa also cautions her followers that creators need to be, well, "very creative" and highly "self-motivated" to find success.

“When I say very, I [mean] very,” Larissa notes. “Because outside of the platform has a lot of free content."

You really need to make a splash "for people to really pay attention to you and feel motivated buy your content. You need to be creative.”

Larissa Lima in a Magenta Top

“One dark side that is very dark is that porn websites, yes, you hear right, porn websites steal your content and they want to sell your content,” Larissa says.

This hurts in two ways, the first being that this leaked content means that people find her stolen videos and photos on other sites without paying.

Just as bad, she explains, is that porn sites will use stolen content to make it appear that she is their employee — using her face without her permission.

Larissa Lima Wears Pink on YouTube

This isn’t always done with a profit motive or for horny reason, Larissa details.

“I came from a television [show] where the major audience [is] women and the women are very cruel,” she acknowledges.

“They make fun of you, they leak your content," Larissa notes.

"One of the things a woman told me, I’ll never forget," Larissa recalls.

She continues: "she said, ‘Now that we leak that, who [is] gonna pay for your content?’”

That is so vicious.

Larissa also offers advice for new people who are getting into the world of OnlyFans.

A frequently asked question is whether fans should show their faces alongside, well, other body parts.

Larissa says that the answer is mostly "yes" … but that creators should just be prepared for people to find out.

Larissa Lima in a Neon V-Shaped Outfit

“Show yourself, own who you are, because people are going to leak your content," Larissa says grimly.

"And," she advises, "you need to trust in yourself and you need to explain to your family what you are doing."

Larissa explains: "because when it comes the time to leak, people will do whatever it takes to stop you [from doing] your job."

Larissa Lima Plays Coy on Instagram

Larissa also advises against offering massive discounts in a bid for subscribers.

Why? Because leakers will take full advantage of that.

Meanwhile, Larissa notes, someone signing up purely to leak is much less likely to pay full price.

Larissa Lima Wears Almost Nothing on Instagram

Larissa recommends that any creators on OnlyFans who are making enough should sign up for a service to police the web for stolen content.

When they find her content on other sites or on social media, they issue takedown notices.

Not everyone makes enough on OnlyFans to afford to protect their content in that way, but this could still be very helpful advice.