Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey: What Pandemic?!? We're Going on Vacation!

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Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey have sent a message to COVID-19.

Is it a responsible message? Is it a safe message? Is it a dangerous message?

We'll leave those questions up to the general public debate.

All we can say for certain at the moment is that these engaged teenagers just scoffed at the notion that traveling amid a pandemic is a terrible idea, as they packed up lots of stuff and took a vacation with Claire's family.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey in the Winter

The 18-year old and 19-year old are featured in a number of photos on Claire's mother's Instagram page, as Hilary Spivey simply wrote "Ski trip 2021" as a caption to the snapshots above and below.

Thankfully, as you can see here, Justin, Claire and company appear to have at least been wearing masks while traveling in public spaces.

It's also worth noting, of course, that skiing takes place outside, where transmission of the coronavirus is far less likely than it is inside.

We do wonder, however, while neither Spivey nor Duggar shared any of these images on their own social media pages.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey and Fam

Justin, as you likely know if you're reading this post, proposed to Claire on his 18th birthday in November.

The two are extremely young, but they claim to have been courting for over a year and they claim to be very much in love.

“There is nothing comparable to finding the one you are meant to spend your life with,” the couple told Us Weekly upon announcing their engagement.

“We know we have found that in each other.

"We cannot wait to be married and are looking forward to a life together of faith in Christ, love for one another and happiness!”

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey on a Chair Lift

Duggar and Spivey expressed this sentiment and agreed to marry just two months after telling the world they were dating.

God brought Claire in my life and I wasn’t really expecting it, but he brought her along right when I needed her,” Duggar explained in September 2020.

“Ever since then, I just knew that she was the one," he added at the time, sounding like someone totally sure of himself and like someone who knew his girlfriend very well.

"Claire has a lot of good qualities and I can sit here and tell you all of them, but there are so many good things that is see in her.

"I’m so blessed to have her in my life.”

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey in the Snow

It sounds all well and good... but come on.

Are we really supposed to believe these two arrived at this engagement decision on their own?

That they weren't pressured to get together, and to commit to each other forever, by their parents?

Especially by Justin's notoriously controlling dad, Jim Bob?

Claire, Justin, Jim Bob, Michelle

Last month, an Instagram user asked the following of Justin's mother and father?

“Why are you letting your kid get married when he should be in college, dating around and learning how to be an adult? And before 19-year-old brides come at me for this comment, you missed out on a lot.”

In response, the Duggar Family Instagram account wrote:

“So far, our children have gotten married between the ages of 19-28. We always leave the decision of when to get married up to them as adults!

"We are so grateful for each of the Godly spouses they have chosen, and we are excited to cheer each of them on in life and in love!”

Claire Spivey and Justin Duggar Photograph

Following news of their engagement, Jim Bob sold the pair a mobile home for just $1 to give him “a good head start’ on marriage, a source told In Touch Weekly.

“It will also come in handy when they start working on a family of their own,” the insider told this tabloid.

“Of course, there’s one major rule - they can’t spend the night or move into the home until they’re married.”

When might this wedding take place? Any week now, we hear!

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