Larissa Lima Worries 90 Day Fiance Fans in Alarming New Footage: Is She Okay?

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Larissa Lima didn't get her happily ever after on 90 Day Fiance. In fact, she got fired last September.

In real life, however, Larissa has scored some wins and is living her best life.

Or is she?

Some fans are alarmed by some recently aired footage of her. Is Larissa okay?

Larissa Lima Snaps a Selfie in Colorado Springs

As we mentioned, Larissa Lima was fired by TLC and Sharp in September of 2020.

Love her or hate her, her dismissal was a heartbreaking example of discrimination against sex work. It should not be legal.

However, Larissa had already filmed more than viewers had seen. Some of that footage is now airing on 90 Day Diaries on Discovery Plus.

Eric Nichols Defends Himself

On the 90 Day Fiance spinoff, Larissa and on-again, off-again boyfriend Eric Nichols are shown having a disagreement.

Larissa was, at the time, expressing a desire to further increase the already imposing size of her breasts.

Eric was opposed to further inflation, and even saying that he wouldn't take care of her after the surgery this time because he did not support it.

Eric Nichols Kisses Larissa Lima Before Treatment

But a coterie of viewers were not particularly fixated on the dialogue.

Instead, they were looking at Larissa's face as she seemed to space out while Eric was talking.

Whether she was formulating her next thought or what, they found her resting face somewhere between funny and downright worrisome.

Larissa Lima resting face via Reddit

Taking to Reddit with the clip, some viewers tried to decide what is going on with the self-styled Queen.

Some speculated that she might be on tranquilizers of some kind, or taking benzodiazepines to treat her anxiety.

Others theorized that she was hooked on pain medication because of her multiple cosmetic surgeries.

Eric Nichols and Larissa Lima Bury the Hatchet

Larissa has spoken in the past about her depression and anxiety.

These very common mental health struggles have fueled a number of her decisions over the years.

Larissa's anxiety and depression may be related to her body dysmorphia.

Larissa Lima Gets All In Your Face

Larissa's mental well-being was at its lowest, however, during her toxic marriage to Colt Johnson.

Mind games and cheating do not make for a healthy environment.

These days, fans hope that Larissa's personal and financial success along with time and counseling have led to an improvement.

Larissa Lima Wears Almost Nothing on Instagram

Contrary to what some people seem to believe, however, improved mental health does not always mean not taking medication.

Sometimes, it is the opposite.

Just as one doesn't stop taking vitamins because they're currently healthy, anxiety and depression medications can be the key to living a normal and happy life.

Larissa Lima Plays Coy on Instagram

But we do not know if Larissa is on meds right now, or back in the late summer of 2020 when this was filmed.

Don't get us wrong, we like Larissa and she has shown her appreciation for THG's coverage in the past, but she hasn't shown us her medicine cabinet, and we wouldn't expect her to.

Some things, even for reality stars, are just private.

Larissa Lima in an All-American Two-Piece

And we have to say that the suggestion that she's on tranquilizers or addicted to painkillers is beyond speculative -- it's reckless and mean.

Don't get us wrong, because watching reality television and engaging with fans is fertile ground for speculation. It's a key part of the industry.

But accusing someone of having substance abuse issues because they spaced out for a bit during filming is ... beyond the pale.

Larissa Lima in a Neon V-Shaped Outfit

Regardless of Larissa's state of being then or now, we wish her well.

Getting multiple cosmetic surgeries is sometimes seen as a staple of reality televison, but can also be a cry for help -- it depends upon whether the person is eventually satisfied.

Larissa has a very sympathetic story and received a lot of unfair editing. We hope that she can one day tell her own story to fans.

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