Dale Moss Takes Mental Health Break, Says He's Been Praying Amid Clare Crawley Split

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Dale Moss has once again opened up on Instagram.

And he once again wants residents of Bachelor Nation to know something both pressing and personal:

Things have been very difficult for him of late.

Dale Moss in a Cap

The former Bachelorette suitor -- who proposed to Clare Crawley on an episode of the ABC competition late last year, only to then break up with her about two months later -- posted a message on social media this week that explained why he recently took a trip to Sarasota, Florida.

In short?

He had to get out of New York City.

He needed an emotional reset.

Dale Moss on Gram

"I literally just flipped the script the other night," the 32-year-old South Dakota native said on his official account.

"I was like, I need to get out of the city. I'm huge on environment -- I think environment makes such a big difference. But I flew down to Sarasota.

Next to South Dakota, this is the closest place to home for me.

"Like, I remember even after my mother's memorial service, I flew down here the next day, just to pray, and it was a really special spot for us."

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss in Masks

Moss, of course, has been taking a lot of heat ever since splitting from Crawley.

First, he released a statement about the break-up before his ex-fiancee wanted him to go public with the news.

Then, sources indicated that Dale wasn't ready to settle down with children and a family, which caused many observers to wonder why he proposed in the first place.

Finally, Moss was accused of cheating on Crawley.

The Bachelorette Proposal

The former football player went on to say that he had even selected this area of the country years ago to train for the NFL draft... and that this ongoing period in time called for him to do a bit of soul-searching.

"There's just something special about it that eases a lot of stress and burdens," he said.

"And I think the pandemic in general, the stressors from family, friends, people close to you.

"I'm someone who's never had stress and anxiety, and the tail end, the last quarter of the year, was a f--king beast."

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley on Set

Later in his video, Moss added that he had enjoyed the "chill day" and that there was "definitely a lot to be grateful for."

Just a few days earlier, Dale strongly denied the aforementioned cheating allegations.

He tried to tell followers that he wasn't out and about, living it up, in the wake of his failed engagement, either.

Just like Clare, even if perhaps not as much as Clare, the guy said he was hurting.

Clare and Dale Moss

“I finally feel comfortable getting on here after having some time to process everything that’s gone on," Dale said earlier this week.

"I know a lot y’all have seen me smile on social media and say I don’t seem as hurt or burdened by this."

He then continued as follows:

"But that’s the farthest thing -- like, this time sucked.

"Thank God I have the friends and the family that I have, because they’ve literally had to carry me through the last two-plus weeks.”

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Bachelorette Pic

Moss didn't offer any specifics behind what caused the split, merely elaborating:

“Building a relationship, in general, is tough, especially when you’re doing it in the public eye.

"People will spread lies or always want to point the finger but the fact of the matter is, there’s no one person to blame in this situation.

"Like every relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs and you know, have gone through our things but you know the statements that came out - like, this didn’t come out of nowhere."

Dale Moss on the Premiere

He concluded:

"I love Clare and respect Clare enough to let her know how I feel, even if that’s against the expectations of everybody else, and it’s gonna take time,

"I wanted nothing more than to make this relationship work, and I put my heart and soul into it each and every day."

"And I wanted nothing more than to build a healthy relationship."

Dale concludes:

"While this is going to be difficult, what you’ll see for me is trying to practice what I preach and continue to put my best foot forward each and every day.”

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