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For weeks, there have been major hints that Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa had a nasty breakup.

That may be a good thing — 90 Day Fiance fans were horrified by the fustercluck that they have witnessed on Season 8.

And it is not encouraging to see the swipes that Andrew has been making on social media.

His latest attack targets his biggest critic — Amira’s father.

Andrew Kenton contacts Amira's dad with bad news

Andrew Kenton has some sort of beef with Amira, but he is now taking aim at Hamdi.

He began: "Quote from last week: ‘He is not a man.’"

"This is especially hilarious given who said it," Andrew opined.

Amira Lollysa - this is not love

"Amira’s father, Hamdi, has never met any of Amira’s boyfriends," Andrew claimed.

While that seems perfectly fine for an adult woman who is dating, the description of the man who might have become Andrew’s father-in-law does not stop there.

According to Andrew: "He cycles in and out of homelessness."

Obviously, even if it’s true, experiencing homelessness is not exactly a condemnation — that’s a failure of society.

"He is always begging for money," Andrew characterized Amira’s father.

He then went on to claim: "(I have given to Amira’s family substantially)."

Amira Lollysa facetimes Andrew Kenton about Mexico plans

"He is feckless, taking money," Andrew accused.

He then continued: "But has some delusion to believe he is the man."

"That’s some man right there," Andrew mocked. We are unclear on the intersection of poverty and gender that Andrew is suggesting.

Amira Lollysa dad - the pressure from Andrew, yeah?

"[He] abandoned Amira when she was a child," Andrew alleged, "never paid a penny, and only came back when she was an adult."

‘He tricks the French government for benefits," he added.

Wait, if he’s allegedly cycling in and out of homelessness, how is receiving benefits a trick?

Amira on 90 Day Fiance: nobody deserves to go through that

"He has repeatedly tried to get his daughter on TV," Andrew claimed.

"Big Brother France and various others," he added. "Fame over everything."

We would like to hear Amira’s thoughts on this — well, on all of this, actually.

Amira Lollysa hears - Andrew is responsible

Andrew still had plenty to say about the woman who could have become his wife, too.

"Also side fact: Amira never called me or her father when she was detained," he alleged.

"But she called someone," Andrew claimed. "Y’all might be surprised who?"

Amira Lollysa - they put my passport in the same envelope

The reason that fans think that Andrew and Amira have broken up is that, quite simply, a married couple would not be speaking about each other like this.

(At least, we hope not — that would make a very toxic marriage)

Additionally, there are none of the usual smoking guns, like gushy Instagram posts or a marriage certificate.

We can all understand why Andrew is feeling defensive.

He has gotten an unflattering edit and, combined with his behavior on camera, he kind of looks like a selfish buffoon.

That said, some fans speculate that production may have used their contract with him to pressure him into joyriding and getting massages on a solo vacation.

It seems clear that Andrew feels very bitter and is not taking any degree of criticism very well right now.

But we are only 8 episodes into the season. Are he and Amira really going to try again?

At this point, we’re wondering how their story ends, and how it could possibly last all season. Only time will tell.