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NeNe Leakes is only the latest Real Housewives OG to be fired from the franchise as Bravo shakes things up.

She is the first to say that her firing is the result of racism. And now she’s calling for a boycott of the entire franchise.

NeNe Leakes as a Housewife
Photo via BRAVO

NeNe has previously accused Andy Cohen of personally discriminating against her because she is Black, resulting in her firing.

Now, she is taking things further, and calling for a boycott of Bravo.

She even wants an investigation into the decision to fire her, and she wants federal agents to carry it out.

NeNe Leakes and Andy Cohen

"Racial Discrimination against black women is in full effect!" NeNe tweeted this week.

"Black women deserve equality," she asserted.

While hopefully no one would dispute the second statement, we’ll get into the specifics of her firing accusations shortly.

"How ironic is it that all the ORIGINAL BLACK housewives were all demoted," NeNe suggests.

She continues: "And the ONLY WHITE housewife promoted and still working today!"

Having rolled her proverbial golden apple into the hall, she then writes: "Just food for thought."

"Boycott Bravo," she shares in another post.

This one contains a link, pleading others to join in the cause.

NeNe is clearly not backing down when it comes to insisting that her former employer is discriminating against her on the basis of race.

"Y’all ready to start this boycott yet?" she asks. "What has happened behind the scenes is WRONG!"

"While others were being promoted, BLACK WOMEN who created shows, created genres, built franchise and built networks were being DEMOTED…" NeNe accuses.

She then asks all of her fans and followers to "TURN OFF YOUR TV’S."

"Let’s start it! What are we waiting for?" NeNe continues in yet another tweet.

"A lot has happened and support is much needed," she insists. "We all need must stick together in all racial discrimination situations."

NeNe also asserts that "The viewers eyes were tricked."

"Please help," NeNe begs.

She then shares a plea with her followers that, if anyone knows anyone who works at the "US Department of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission" to contact her.

It’s clear that she wants to take this to the Federal level … or, at the very least, she wants fans to believe that this is her intention.

Racial discrimination is extremely real, and because gender discrimination is also part of our nightmare society, Black women are doubly disadvantaged.

For generations, Black employees have had lower wages, fewer promotions, and less job security than their white coworkers.

Discrimination like this is not always conscious — little subconscious biases in a society steeped in white supremacy can rob Black employees of second chances or the benefit of the doubt.

Photo via Bravo

However, some fans are wondering if NeNe — far from the only OG to be shed from a major show in the franchise lately — is exploiting this reality to try to get her lucrative job back.

There have been cases of people pointing out real systems of oppression only to gain undeserved sympathy.

When that happens, it makes it harder for people to recognize the much more common, real examples of discrimination. It’s hard to tell which is happening here with any certainty.