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Watch your back, Joe Rogan!

It looks like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are entering the podcast game, and they’ll be smoking fatties with Elon Musk and arm-wrestling Conor McGregor before you know it!

Ultimate Relationship Goal

Okay, so only the first part of that statement is true, but if you’re a fan of the Sussexes, it’s still mighty exciting!

Yes, as part of their multi-pronged plan to become dominant forces in American media, Harry and Meghan have announced two exciting new business deals:

The first is the one that’s likely to please fans the most.

Meghan Markle Engagement Photo
(Kensington Palace)

It was announced on Tuesday that Harry and Meghan’s Archewell Audio has partnered with Spotify to produce content for the streaming giant.

While details are scarce at the moment, insiders say the podcast (or podcasts) will feature "uplifting" stories that align with the couple’s humanitarian efforts.

So, no, sadly, they won’t be inviting Prince Charles on the show to ask if he’s ever tried DMT.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Engagement Pic
(Kensington Palace)

It seems the goal of the podcast — other than brining Harry and Meghan a boatload of cash — is to probvide a counter-balance to the negativity that makes up so much of our current media climate.

“What we love about podcasting is that it reminds all of us to take a moment and to really listen, to connect to one another without distraction," said the couple in a statement issued on Tuesday.

"With the challenges of 2020, there has never been a more important time to do so, because when we hear each other, and hear each other’s stories, we are reminded of how interconnected we all are.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Pictured Together

The news comes on the heels of reports about Harry and Meghan’s $100 million deal with Netflix.

That deal, as you probably know, stirred up quite a fuss among the royals.

Netflix is home to the acclaimed drama series The Crown, which offers a scandalous, fictionalized look at Queen Elizabeth II’s decades as the UK sovereign.

Harry and Meghan Applaud

The recently-released fourth season of the show has been especially controversial due to its exploration of the famously tumultuous marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Several Royals — most notably Prince William — were said to be infuriated that the Sussexes would do business with a company that would participate in portraying their family in such a lurid light.

But Meghan and Harry aren’t responsible for every piece of content on Netflix.

Cambridges and Sussexes In Church

And despite the manner in which the British press is attempting to portray them, it seems they’re being quite conscientious in their investments as newly-minted private citizens.

It was announced this week that Meghan has made her first public investment, purchasing a portion of Clevr Blends, a startup that makes instant oat-milk lattes.

The company’s co-founder and CEO Hannah Mendoza apparently made quite an impression on Meghan during a recent meeting.

Meg and Harry Exit

“This investment is in support of a passionate female entrepreneur who prioritizes building community alongside her business,” the duchess said in a statement to Fortune.

“I’m proud to invest in Hannah’s commitment to sourcing ethical ingredients and creating a product that I personally love and [that] has a holistic approach to wellness. I believe in her, and I believe in her company.”

So yeah, it sounds like the Sussexes are really putting down roots here in America — and the fact it irritates the hell out of the Royals is probably just a minor bonus.