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Any former addict knows that atonement is an important part of the process of getting and staying sober.

And so, as Leah Messer attempts to correct the damage she did during her addiction to opioids, she’s been issuing face-to-face apologies to the people who were hurt by her actions.

Leah Messer Comes Clean
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Of course, some have been more receptive than others.

On Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah had an extremely difficult conversation with Corey Simms, the father of her twin girls.

She admitted to her addiction, as well as the fact that she’s been high around their kids.

Corey and Leah

That’s all in the past, and Corey graciously accepted his ex’s apology.

But for some fans (and Leah), that simply wasn’t good enough.

"I look back at that moment and I wish each of us, all of us including your wife, could have communicated it a little different,” Leah told Corey.

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"We was very supportive but that turned to anger,” Corey replied.

And that anger turned into a Leah vs. Corey court battle that nearly cost Leah custody of her twins.

That’s all water under the bridge these days, and Leah and Corey are currently enjoying a healthy co-parenting relationship.

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Unfortunately, it seems that in her attempt to bury the hatchet for good, Leah might have opened up some old wounds.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, during the episode, Leah took to Instagram and agreed with fans who said that Corey owed her an apology, as well.

“Apologies are great in healing and I feel the apology should be mutual,” Messer wrote at one point.

Socially-Distanced Leah Messer
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“Try being the person going through it and losing everything if you owned your struggle with addiction,” she added.

“Had the safe place been created for me to openly discussed with Corey and get the I needed I don’t think our communication would have been so ineffective and constantly in courts.”

Leah deleted the comment shortly after it was posted, probably when she realized how dumb it sounds.

Leah Messer Modeling on Instagram
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Look, we understand what she’s saying … kind of.

Perhaps Corey should have been more open to communicating rather than simply taking her to court.

But is she really expecting him to apologize for the way things went haywire while she was in drugs?

Leah Messer is Troubled
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Corey didn’t take Leah to court to punish her; he did it to protect his daughters, who, at the time, were living with a pretty hardcore drug addict.

Leah really isn’t owed anything in this situation, so it’s to Corey’s credit that he was somewhat apologetic.

"We could’ve communicated better,” Corey said during the episode.

“Our communication now is where it should be. I dreaded the drop-offs for years, but now it’s pretty simple.”

But apparently that wasn’t enough for Leah.

Here’s hoping she won’t be this demanding of everyone she hurt during the years when she was using.