Larissa Lima: Shame on TLC! They Fired Me AND Make Money Off Me!

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Nothing will stop Larissa Lima from airing her spicy thirst traps to lure more followers to her lucrative OnlyFans.

It was her sex work that TLC used as an excuse to fire her. Now, she's calling out the network for abject hypocrisy as they continue to profit off of her footage.

Larissa Lima Stuns in Hunter Green Bikini Top

Larissa Lima has been using her Instagram to give her fans and followers a taste of what she has to offer on OnlyFans.

Her latest photos include glimpses of her in a skimpy, hunter green bikini top and a bandana.

She's not exactly serving pirate realness, but she is certainly turning heads with her posts.

Larissa Lima OnlyFans profile 18 Dec 2020

Larissa's OnlyFans followers pay $20 per month to subscribe to her exclusive content on the adult media site.

While we do not know precisely how many followers she has (this information is not publicly available), she has reported making as much as $40,000 per month.

When she said that she chose money over fame when her adult performance got her fired by TLC, she meant it.

Larissa Lima Plays Coy on Instagram

It's easy to look at what she charges per month and at her reported take home and conclude that she has 2,000 followers on the site.

But the truth is that the numbers could be much lower, between tipping on individual posts, tipping via DM, and purchasing individual packets of content.

Regardless, she is clearly doing well for herself. She could lose 75% of her OnlyFans income and still be making a very comfortable 6-digit yearly take-home.

Larissa Lima Wears Almost Nothing on Instagram

But Larissa is clearly understandably unhappy with the fact that she was fired by TLC for showing some skin during a CamSoda livestream.

To make matters worse, TLC doesn't seem to have a problem airing Larissa's already-filmed storylines ... just with continuing to pay her for new content.

Discrimination against sex workers is already bad enough, but now Larissa is calling out the network for what she sees as hypocritical behavior.

Larissa Lima IG - shame on TLC

"I do not understand why you would want to air my storyline," Larissa wrote on her Instagram Stories on Friday, December 18.

"It was after all not the image of wholesome values you 'project,'" she shaded.

"I took responsibility for showing my bare breasts," Larissa acknowledged, "and accepted it for what it was: a threat, and then a dismissal."

Larissa Lima Poses in White Lingerie

"I accepted this from the same network that has aired some felons and adult entertainers," Larissa pointed out.

"The hypocrisy is mind-blowing," she expressed.

"Now," Larissa accused, "you want to replay my story and make more money from it. You are showcasing it. What hypocrites you are."

Larissa Lima in Red Lingerie

She concluded her message with a simple message: "Shame on you, TLC."

It is unclear if she is referring to episodes airing in syndication, on Discovery+, or elsewhere.

But it is not hard to understand her frustrations. Larissa was a victim of discrimination, and the same people who discriminated against her are still monetizing her footage.

Larissa Lima IG celebrates Eric Nichols follower milestone

On the positive side, Larissa and her ex, Eric Nichols, appear to be on good terms again, at least friendly for exes.

Larissa celebrated Eric's follower milestone on her own Instagram Stories.

Will they get back together? It has happened before.

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