Justin Bieber Sends Message to "Sad Excuse of a Human" Who Pushed for Bullying of His Wife

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We've asked the following question.

But now, sadly, we must go ahead and ask it again:

Hey, users of the Internet, what the heck is wrong with you?!?

Huge Kiss for Hailey

In reality, Justin Bieber is the one basically asking this question... after some really awful troll on the World Wide Web pushed for others on social media to actively harass and bully Hailey Baldwin.

Baldwin, of course, is Bieber's wife.

She has been for year snow.

And yet far too many total strangers out there seem unable to accept this fact, no matter how happy Justin and Hailey appear to be as a married couple.

Bieber and Bride

Earlier this week, a very misguided woman shared a video on Instagram in which she referenced an Instagram Live that Hailey had planned to do and said:

“This is the time where they will not be turning off comments.

"So we need to f—king bombard that s—t with Jelena and how Selena is better. Go after her, please, let’s all go after her.”

What the heck, right?!?

Justin Bieber Kisses Hailey Baldwin at Night

Jelena, of course, is the nickname that was given to Bieber and Selena Gomez back when those two singers were a romantic item.

After many ups and downs together, over the course of about eight years, Bieber split from Gomez in March of 2018.

He then married Baldwin -- much to the shock and chagrin of his fans -- six months after his breakup from the “Ice Cream” artist, having rekindled his relationship with the model in June of that same year.

The now-husband and wife previously dated from 2015 to 2016.

Biebers Kiss!

And now here's this person on Instagram, actually telling folks to give Baldwin a hard time.

It's digusting, pathetic, depressing and very troubling.

Bieber, as we can strongly understand, felt a need to share the woman's video in order to call her out in public.

In harsh, deserving fashion.

“This sad excuse of a human just encouraged people on video to literally go after my wife, telling people to say that my previous relationship was better,” Bieber began his message.

“I just wanted to share this so that people get an idea of what we face on a day to day.”

Justin proceedd to note on Thursday that it’s “extremely hard” to take the high road when he sees “people like this try and rally to gather people to bully the person I love the most in this world. It is not right.”

We totally get it.

Justin Bieber Kisses Hailey Baldwin at Night

Added Bieber in his clap back, in an attempt to end on a positive note:

“As many people as there are that want to spend their time publicly degrading ,shaming and trying to humiliate us, we would like to ask those who have it in them to lift us up in prayer.

"We need prayer and support as we continue to put ourselves out there!”

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, My Calvins Ad

As for Baldwn?

The Drop the Mic cohost reposted her husband’s statement and released one of her own:

“I usually stay quiet and don’t acknowledge these things because I need to protect myself and my mental [health]...

“It has truly gotten to a level of anger and hate that is shockingly unhealthy and sad.

"I would never in a million years wish for someone to be treated this way and I will never condone this kind of hateful behavior.”

hailey clap

Hailey added that her goal is to “support, uplift, and encourage other women in this industry and wish them nothing but love and success and I wish for all of my followers and supporters to do the same!!”

She concluded as follows:

“Wishing the young woman in that video all the best, I hope she finds love and happiness in this life!”

Well said, you two.

You may now return to your incessant banging, not just getting the last laugh over this loser troll... but the last orgasm as well.

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