Jana Duggar Fans Lash Out: Where is Your Friggen Face Mask?!

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People are always eager to see Jana Duggar take a stand against Jim Bob ... but they are so often disappointed.

It doesn't get much more disappointing than seeing Jana and her brother strolling through a store, no mask in sight.

Jana Duggar Courting?

Jana is known for being unmarried (unheard of in their cult) and for being used as free labor by Jim Bob and Michelle.

But she is also known for being both crafty and thrifty.

Fans have enjoyed watching her home improvement escapades, even while they hope that she will find her way out of the Duggar world and get a life of her own.

Jana Duggar Spills the Tea

"Stocking up for another round of projects!" Jana announced in the captions of a recent photo of her and James.

"It’s like a dream job," she raved, "when you get to work with your brothers."

There's just one little problem: the photo itself. 

Jana Duggar and James Duggar Shop Without Masks

Before we get into the bigger issue, Jana's "choice" of clothing of course came up.

"Will you EVER wear pants?!" one follower exclaimed, while others clamored that it was "Jana's decision" to dress how she dresses.

Actually, that's not the truth, is it?

Jana Duggar with Flowers

Jana has lived her entire life under the thumb of her awful, controlling parents.

Everyone in her life is part of the same cult -- living by similar rules and having a similar mindset.

Saying that Jana has a "choice" as to how she dresses and lives her life isn't exactly accurate. She's not financially or socially independent enough to make those kinds of "decisions."

Jana Duggar on Counting On (TLC)

But Jana wearing a denim skirt truly wasn't the biggest issue in the photo.

We cannot see her face at all (clearly, a third person took the pic of her and James).

But we can all see James face clearly enough to know that he's walking around the home improvement store unmasked, like a feral animal.

Jana Duggar in a Skirt

Given the context -- James obviously not wearing a mask and Jana's face looking directly away from the camera -- fans reached their own conclusions.

Most of her followers assume that Jana wasn't wearing a facemask either, even though the COVID-19 pandemic is worse than ever here in the US.

(That said, we must remind everyone that we have all seen pairs of people walking where a man wears no mask and the woman is masked; toxic masculinity is a disease)

Jana Duggar Outside

So, if Jana isn't wearing a mask here, what in the world is going on in her head?

And if James is going maskless, which is obviously the case, despite being in a store with other people, what is his motive?

The answer is simple, but you're not going to like it: malice.

Duggars Love Trump

The Duggar children are all victims of their parents -- not just from abuse and the coverup of Josh's crimes, but the way that their perceptions of the world have been warped through isolation.

So ever since the COVID-19 pandemic became politicized, it is no surprise to see the family avoiding looking like they're taking the pandemic seriously or following all of the guidelines.

Why? Group polarization. The Duggars and others like them on the extreme fringes of society feel obligated to signal to the world that they just don't care about other people.

Jana Duggar in a Lovely Easter Dress

That same phenomenon explains why, though so many comments were calling out the maskless shopping trip, some commenters were cheering.

There is simply no rational reason for someone to celebrate someone not taking pandemic precautions to protect others.

But conspiracy theorists and political paranoia are not rational in the slightest. It's a shame that Jana and James are caught up in that.

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