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With more court cases being thrown out every week, it seems increasingly unlikely that Donald Trump’s efforts to steal the 2020 election will be successful.

This puts the president in a difficult position, of course, as post-White House life doesn’t seem to have much to offer him.

Donald Trump is Sad
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Insiders say Trump is facing $400 million in debt, and some of his creditors might start looking to collect the second that Joe Biden is sworn in as president.

What’s likely even more distressing to Trump is the possibility of facing prosecution for the many legal issues that have been hounding him throughout his presidency.

There are rumors that Trump might pardon himself during his final six weeks in office — he’s publicly stated that he believes he has the right to do so — but it seems unlikely that he would be able to pull off such a stunt.

President Donald Trump in Texas
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Of course, it’s not just Trump himself who’s worried about what sort of consequences he’ll face in a world where Joe Biden is president.

Many of the president’s most loyal lackies are said to be deeply concerned about what sort of fate awaits them, most notably Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

As you’re probably aware, Jared and Ivanka are almost as closely tied with the Trump brand as Trump himself.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Together
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They might come off as much more sane and stable, but those who know the Donald best say his son-in-law and eldest daughter are his top enablers.

Now, Trump could issue pardons to Jared and Ivanka if he so desired, but it seems unlikely that such a move will be necessary.

In any case, the consequences that are said to be most feared by the Kushners are not legal in nature.

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Jared and Ivanka are still in their thirties.

They have unrealized career ambitions and reputations to maintain.

Some have even suggested that they’re planning to re-enter the world of politics once the dust settles following Trump’s tumultuous final years in office.

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In the meantime, it seems that the Kushners have made the wise decision to move far away from D.C.

According to a new report from People magazine, Jared and Ivanka have purchased an undeveloped lot near Miami Beach, Florida, and it’s believed that they’re planning to build a palatial new home on the site.

In the meantime, it looks as though the couple is planning to take up residence in the "Kushner Cottage" at the president’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, which is currently undergoing a round of renovations.

Jard Kushner with Ivanka
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"I think they’re very aware of what’s going on and will probably take some time thinking about what comes next," a source tells People

"They’re not like a traditional family that immediately needs to figure out their next move," the insider added.

"They gave four years of extremely hard work and energy. They’ve got a young family, they’ve got a lot to figure out — where they want to live and what avenues they want — but there’s no rush."

Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump Met Ball 2016
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The Kushners are said to be deeply disappointed by Trump’s electoral defeat, but they also have a firm understanding of the nature of politics.

"Politics is a very very tough, difficult business but things are not forever," the source said.

"People don’t have positions that are eternal. And I think already the rhetoric is going to drop. The people in New York — what did they want? They wanted a Biden victory, and that looks like that’s where it’s headed."

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In the end, it seems the Kushners are confident in their ability to make a comeback, and they may even be looking forward to a break from the endless scrutiny of public life.

"The magnifying glass, when you’re out of the government, someone else gets the magnifying glass — and now it’s Biden and [Kamala] Harris," said the source, "and good luck to them."

Now, if only Ivanka’s father could be so gracious in defeat.