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For the first time since he was accused of assaulting his son, Jon Gosselin has spoken out about what REALLY transpired in September between himself and 16-year old Collin.

According to Jon himself, that is.

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About two months ago, police arrived at Gosselin’s house in Pennsylvania in response to an alleged incident of violence.

The incident took place shortly before Collin wrote on Instagram that his dad was a liar who "punched me in the face and gave me a swollen nose and I started bleeding."

The teenager later deleted this message.

And Jon has said on multiple occasions that he would never harm his child.

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On Tuesday, however, Jon appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and delved into extreme detail about the altercation in question.

The ex-reality star explained on air that he was on the way back from the orthodontist with kids Hannah and Collin, and was in a rush to get to work, when the drama began.

“They were arguing in the car, I don’t even know about what,” Jon said.

“Collin got out of the car, Hannah was yelling. I was like, ‘come on, I gotta get back to work, can you guys calm down?’"

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And from there?

"Collin got upset and he threw — I don’t even know what it was, a piece of plastic or something — at my car.

‘That elevated me a little because I was already in a hurry. It dented the car.

"He got in my face and said upsetting words and stuff like that.

"He tried to push past me and we got entangled and I had to do a restraint on him.”

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Jon told the outlines of a similar story in the past.

He has claimed Collin has tried to run away on multiple occasions, hence the need to use a "therapeutic restraint" on him, as Jon described the maneuver.

“[It’s] so the patient doesn’t hurt themselves or others,” Jon said.

“It’s holding their arms or just keeping them from going to another position. But it’s also protecting you so they don’t punch you or any of those kinds of things. I’ve done this in the past.

"I knew it was coming, but it’s nothing you want to do as a parent because the emotions afterward are like…why am I doing this? You second guess yourself, but it’s already done."

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Authorities, by law, were forced to look into Jon as a parent for about 24 hours after the cops left the scene of his house.

However, there was no real investigation by Child Protective Services, despite reports to the contrary.

Hannah also backed up her father’s version of events to the police… yet that wasn’t enough for mother Kate Gosselin.

"I don’t want my children around him. Enough is enough," she told People Magazine in September, trashing her ex-husband as a violent and abusive person.

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Jon told Dr. Oz that he went to work about Collin calmed down… but then received a phone call from Hannah five minutes later letting him know that Collin had called the cops.

“[The police] took witness testimony from Hannah that I didn’t do those things,” Jon said. “And they took Collin’s and my testimony."

From there, Collin went to Jon’s brother’s house to give him and his dad some time apart.

“I didn’t confront [Collin] then because he was in a manic state,” Jon explained.

“And you don’t want to keep rising that temperature. So I waited, he went to my brother’s. The police mandated a reporter and it went to CYS [Child & Youth Services]."

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Emphasizing he’s "never" been violent with any of his children, Jon concluded on air:

“I’ve only done these physical restraints and they’re the hardest thing because I’m not that kind of person.

"And I physically have to touch someone and touch someone I love to protect me and anyone else around in case things get out of hand.”

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In other excerpts from Jon’s chat with Dr. Oz, he admitted to having no contact with six of his kids.

He also lamented how his family has fallen apart.

“I think the kids need to talk,” Jon added on air, presumably meaning they need to stick up for him as a non-violent person.

"I mean, I’m giving them the outlet of, ‘If you want to talk to the public because you’re public [people], you have every opportunity to do these things.’"