Meghan Markle: I Won't Let the Royals Turn My Kid Into a Sexist Creep!

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When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved to America, there were many theories regarding what ultimately motivated them to leave their old lives behind.

Some said they were tired of being bullied by the British tabloid press.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry And Little Archie

Others maintained that Meghan couldn't handle the constant pressure to conform to her in-laws' expectations.

But the likeliest explanation is that Meghan and Harry wanted the best possible life for their son, Archie.

Meghan and Harry welcomed Archie into the world back in May of 2019, and there were immediate signs that he would not be receiving the usual royal upbringing.

Meghan Reads to Archie

Archie has no royal title, and it seems he'll spend most of his childhood in Los Angeles, several thousand miles away from his London relations.

This is no accident, of course.

According to a new report from In Touch Meghan absolutely despised the royal rules governing decorum that prohibited displays of affection in any situation where the exchange might be overseen by a peasant.

Archie and Harry!

A source tells the tabloid that Meghan  “hated the PDA ban," and she refuses to impose such rules on her child as he grows older.

Apparently, she and Harry are both steadfast in their belief that Archie should “grow up feeling comfortable expressing himself,”

If the Sussexes have their wish, the insider says, Archie will come of age “unroyally and in their footsteps,” free of interference from the Queen and her ilk.

A Royal Family Photo

The report follows news of yet another rift between Meghan and the royals.

This one finds sources claiming that the Queen is more than happy to exclude Meghan and Harry from all official royal functions going forward.

However, England's longest-reigning monarch might be shocked to learn that the Sussexes are just fine with that arrangement.

Queen Elizabeth on TV

“Harry firmly believes that Archie should be able to have the freedom he never had," the insider tells In Touch.

The source goes on to say that Archie will not be compelled to "follow royal protocol, especially the sexist traditions."

"He’ll be taught the importance of freedom of speech and giving back to the community, and most importantly not to let anything get in the way of achieving his dreams and happiness," the informant adds.

Harry and Meghan and Archie

Meghan, meanwhile, is happy just to return to the life of an American civilian.

“She’s already leading a normal life again — driving around, doing the grocery shopping, running errands and that kind of thing,” says the source.

As for the set of protocols and traditions that governed her life in the UK, the insider says Meghan will never return to such circumstances.

Meghan Addresses the Crowd

“She thought it was ridiculous and that was honestly a big, big problem for her," says the source.

As for Archie, the Sussexes are reportedly planning to raise him in such a way that he'll be fully in touch with African-American heritage.

They'll teach him "all about his background on both sides of the family when he’s old enough to understand,” source says.

Walking Away... Together

“They can’t wait to teach him about culture and show him the world!”

Sounds like Archie will be raised in the best possible world.

And if, when he comes of age, he decides the stuffy life of a royal is for him, we're sure he'll have the full support of both parents.

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