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When Lauren Swanson married Josiah Duggar, she seemed very eager not only to become his wife but also to be a part of the famed Duggar family.

It’s not hard to see why she was so excited.

Lauren Swanson Turns 21

After all, the Duggars are well-known among the general population, but in the world of fundamentalist Christians, they’re certified rock stars.

For a young woman who grew up in that community, marrying a Duggar is like marrying into the royal family.

And just like when a peasant becomes a princess, the experience can turn out to be a very mixed blessing.

Josiah Duggar Birthday Post

At first, Lauren seemed to relish the spotlight.

Lately, however, she’s seemed to hesitant to share much of herself on social media, a fact that fans were quick to pick up on.

"Lauren used to post a lot of Instagram, but her last post was on September 9th and it was to celebrate Bella being 10 months. Bella turned 11 months on October 8th, but she didn’t post anything about it," one user wrote on the r/DuggarSnark Reddit page this week.

Josiah Duggar With Family

"Prior to that, all of her post were just celebrating Bella’s getting older, wishing Lauren a happy birthday, happy Father’s Day post to Josiah and their wedding anniversary," the redditor continued.

"Her last post that weren’t to celebrate these events and religious holidays, was on April 2nd."

The post concluded with a question that no one has been able to answer:

"She got tired of social media and the criticism? Or something else happened?"

The best any of the commenters could do was speculate on the possible reasons for Lauren’s desire for greater privacy.

“Not everybody is ready to display their lives for others to see in every little detail. It can be very tiring for someone who is not used to it,” one person on Reddit wrote of Lauren’s recent absence from social media.

Lauren Swanson on Her Gram

“I think Lauren wanted the fame but now that she has a child and has experienced social media, it’s a lot different than what she wanted,” another person added.

Another noted that Lauren “really enjoys being a mom,” and the hiatus could be a result of her spending more time with her daughter.

Of course, as others pointed out, it seems like she would be posting a ton of baby pictures these days.

It’s worth noting that Swanson’s time in the spotlight has not always been easy.

Lauren suffered a miscarriage last year that reportedly sent her into a deep depression.

She’s also battled rumors that she and Josiah were forced into an arranged marriage and are both deeply unhappy in their lives.

After experiencing so much in such a short period of time, it stands to reason that Lauren would have grown weary with so much attention from the public.

She probably never imagined such a thing was possible when she was growing up watching the Duggars on TV.

But as we know, fame is not for everybody, and it seems Lauren would prefer that fans just go ahead and forget her name.