Larissa Lima: I Can PROVE I Paid for My Surgeries Myself!

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When Larissa Lima said that she chose money over fame, she wasn't kidding.

The 90 Day Fiance alum is sharing how much money she makes on Cameo to prove that she alone paid for her plastic surgeries.

Larissa Lima in September 2020

Larissa is using her Instagram Stories to make a point to those doubting that she has the money to finance her own tune-ups.

“My Cameos are $100," Larissa writes.

She adds that Cameos are something "which I have been doing for a long time on a daily basis."

Larissa Lima Poses After Surgeries

Cameo, of course, is a service utilized by many reality stars and even actors.

The idea is that you pay them for a custom video made exactly to order.

Short videos, from them quoting classic lines to wishing your friend a happy birthday, go to the fans, and the stars make bank.

Larissa Lima Glittering in Glam

Larissa shares further details, and a little math paints a vivid picture.

“There have been some days that I’ve done 15+ Cameos in a day," she reveals.

"Knowing this," Larissa asks, "do you now believe I need someone else’s money to pay for my boobs?”

Larissa Lima IG - I make $100 per Cameo

Now, I'm no big city mathematician, but I can just manage multiplication.

15 times $100 is $1,500 ... made in one single day.

That's probably more than Larissa likely makes in any one day of filming for 90 Day Fiance, though she was likely in the higher tiers of pay for the infamously low-paying series.

Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, and a U-Haul

If Larissa is raking in four figures in a day when she chooses, she's probably not doing that every day.

But that doesn't mean that she isn't doing it multiple times a month.

She could do a day like that once a week -- four times a month -- and be making $6,000 a month from Cameo alone.

Larissa Lima is FREE

We all saw how Baby Girl Lisa, before her fondness for vile racial slurs got her fired from the franchise, was making serious money from Cameo.

Lisa was only famous for a matter of months.

Larissa has been on people's TVs since 2018, and she has only grown more popular and more sympathetic to many fans as they see what sort of man Colt really is.

Larissa Lima Flexes Her New Body

Now, Larissa obviously took out a loan from Eric to help cover her first two surgeries -- the boob job and the nose job.

This is not a secret. Before going under the knife in February of 2020, Larissa was filmed discussing this with Eric.

He agreed to the loan, but it was truly a loan (always get your loan in writing, otherwise it is legally a gift), and she reimbursed him.

Larissa Lima Records a Message While On the Move

Larissa underwent a reported total of $72,000 in procedures in 2020.

Clearly, she is doing well for herself.

That comes out to 720 Cameos, though we are of course sure that this is not her sole source of income.

Eric Nichols Hugs Larissa Lima Before a Skeleton Overlord

Larissa's CamSoda stream, in which she put on a relatively PG-13 show of rubbing oil on herself while wearing a swimsuit for one hour, ranked in six figures for the streaming site.

Now, Larissa only made a small cut of the profits, but it was still thousands of dollars. She is now one of the site's Top 5 earners of all time.

And that's not all.

Larissa Lima IG - money over fame

Larissa explained again and again that her cosmetic procedures are an investment that she can use to better herself and to support her family back home in Brazil.

Part of that is due to her clearly skewed body image, one that she has changed through multiple surgeries.

She now feels "deserving" to model all of the clothing and other items that were offered to her from potential sponsors. She can make big bucks as an influencer, too.

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