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These days, Brielle Biermann is toning down her appearance.

The daughter of Kim Zolciak says she’s done with fillers and other cosmetic procedures (for now, at least), and she doesn’t miss her huge lips or giant fake ass in the slightest.

But as she revealed in a recent interview, there are still plenty of giant asses in her life.

And it seems that some of the guys who slide into Brielle’s DMs are rocking looks that are even faker than hers was at the height of her injection obsession.

“There’s a few guys that I talk to but everyone’s just, like, boring,” Biermann recently told Us Weekly.

“I need some excitement, you know?”

Yes, Brielle’s dry spell is over, but it seems she’s bored with the guys who have been trying to lock her down lately.

“I told my makeup artist, like, an hour ago that I have a date tonight and she was like, ‘You’re just so unexcited about everything aren’t you?’” she recalled.

“And I was like ‘Yeah, I don’t really care.’”

So what is Brielle looking for? Well, for starters, the guy has to live in a different state.

“See what I’m looking for is somebody who doesn’t live in Atlanta, so I have a reason to travel and get out of my house,” she told Us.

“So, until I find that, it’s not happening.”

But that doesn’t mean she’s lacking in applicants — it’s just that none of them have met her qualifications.

“Oh yeah. All types of peeps [slide into my messages]," she said — and her mother testified to that fact:

Brielle Biermann Transformed for 2020

“I’ve seen more d–k pics on Brielle’s phone in a day than I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star said.

“It’s like mind-blowing. They’re, like, Facetuned. They’re, like, 24 inches long. It’s absurd," she added.

"All these f–king guys do this. And we just cry laughing every day.”

Alright guys, unsolicited d–k pics are bad enough, but all y’all who are hopping on Photoshop to give yourself another foot or two?

Yeah, we’re gonna need you to surrender your devices and pick up a Motorola Razr. 

You’ve lost your smart phone privileges.

Brielle Biermann Wants to Flatten the Curve

“I feel like that’s really the only people who reach out to me,” Brielle said of these dong-elongating creeps, adding, “They’re all weird.”

Weird celebrities, you say?

Like, on a scale of Tom Hanks (totally normal) to Nicolas Cage (batsh-t insane) how weird are we talking?

Brielle Biermann Shares Hot Tan Car Selfie

Is Brielle getting photoshopped d–k pics from, like, Charlie Sheen? Shia LeBeouf?

You can’t just tease us with this sort of information, Brielle!

Unlike the wannabe Dirk Digglers in your DMs, we don’t want to be left hanging!