Brandi Glanville: Camille Grammer is a Bored Bitter C--t!

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After Brandi Glanville acknowledged that Denise Richards "f--ked" her "again," in a manner of speaking, her motives are being called into question.

When Camille Grammer waded into the conversation, however, Brandi gave her an earful that no one can soon forget.

Camille Grammer is Sympathetic

Brandi Glanville is taking to social media to absolutely excoriate Camille Grammer ... and she's being downright mean about it.

"@TheRealCamilleG if I was going to use what happened between Denise & I to return to BH," Brandi tweets.

She continues: "I would've done it last season when it happened and I was still filming confessionals or at the beginning of this season."

Brandi Glanville Makes a Reveal

"I was hired back before ANYONE knew," Brandi notes.

Naturally, Brandi being Brandi, she did not want to leave it at that, and decided to give a description of what she thinks of Camille.

The tweet concludes by referring to Camille as "you dumb ass bored f--king useless twat."

Brandi Glanville tweet vs Camille Grammer 01 I'd have done it last season

"One more thing @TheRealCamilleG," Brandi continues in a second tweet.

She instructs her former castmate to "get off twitter and go raise your kids."

"Or," Brandi suggests, "massage your husbands prostate."

Brandi Glanville at a Table

"Better yet," Brandi adds, "spend some of your unearned alimony instead of trying to ruin the other women on the show."

Quick note but alimony exists for a number of reasons, but we're not sure how one person's alimony could be "unearned" exactly. Like ... she was married.

"You are such a bitter c--t," Brandi accuses. "I'm off to help my son prep for a test."

Brandi Glanville tweet vs Camille Grammer 02 go raise your kids

"And yes I talk s--t on here when I have a problem with someone," Brandi acknowledged in a third tweet.

She continued: "Or when I’m responding to a report."

That does not, however, make her the same as Camille, she insists.

Camille Grammer Asks if Denise Richards Brought Holy Water

"But I’m not a newlywed who spends my days searching the BH hashtag to join in with trolls to talk shit on all the women," Brandi notes.

She then refers to Camille, albeit not by name, as a "Bored ass housewife."

Well now we're just singing Cardi B's "WAP" to ourselves with the lyrics Bored Ass Housewife. This version is not as good.

Brandi Glanville tweet vs Camille Grammer 03 bored housewife

Brandi makes some decent points -- while clearly being cruel to Camille -- about questions about her motives.

She did appear on the show, seemingly before anyone except for Kim Richards knew about what had allegedly gone down with Denise.

From a production standpoint, she was filmed because she was there and, presumably, because they had heard that she had something to say.

Brandi Glanville Tells Teddi Mellencamp the Ugly Truth

Whether or not Brandi's intention in bringing up her issues with Denise was to leverage her way back onto the show, her chances may be shot, now.

Denise opted out of returning, though there are competing explanations for why she has quit the show.

The simplest explanation may be that Denise did not have a good time filming and clearly does not enjoy the downsides of being a Real Housewife, whether or not money was also involved.

Brandi Glanville, Denise Richards Kissing

So whether Camille is right or not, it looks like the proverbial ship has sailed ... maybe.

Brandi brings the chaos in a way that few Housewives are willing to -- and she does it on purpose. We wouldn't be shocked to see her on our screens again one day, perhaps even holding a diamond.

But without Denise to play off of ... Brandi falls flat. That may have even contributed to why Teddi was left go. Maybe Denise Richards got the last laugh after all.

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