Paul Staehle: Karine is PREGNANT! And Wants a Three-Year Restraining Order!

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Last week, Paul and Karine Staehle's fight led to police being called, and Karine went into hiding with Pierre.

She has filed for a 3-year restraining order against Paul, who is now declaring his heartbreak to the world.

Karine and Paul Staehle

In late July, Paul went on Instagram Live to record and broadcast a lengthy visit from police.

It's always difficult to explain what's going on in Paul's mind, but he must have thought that it would help his image somehow.

Naturally, Paul's plan backfired, as fans were alarmed at their situation -- one that only became worse.

Paul Staehle Wants to Prove Himself

Karine, with the help of a friend who was there to translate and advocate for her, has accused Paul of abuse.

She says that he is controlling and makes decisions about her life without consulting her.

In legal documents, she accuses hm of sexual assault and of preventing her from leaving the house.

Paul Staehle IG statement on Karine (early August 2020)

Paul acknowledges that he has multiple domestic violence arrests on his record.

However, he claims that he can explain it -- that his ex's were merely vengeful or opportunists.

Paul says that he has had a string of bad luck with women ... but that it's their fault, not his.

Larissa Lima says it's ridiculous

"I never knew my heart could feel such pain," Paul complains in a new Instagram Story post.

He writes: "I always took for granted my son would be walking around me every day."

"Waking up to his smiling face," Paul describes. "Playing and going for long walks."

Paul Staehle, Wife

"I never want to date or remarry to ever feel this pain again," Paul claims.

"To not be part of your children's life, born and unborn, is beyond painful," he says.

Back in May, we reported that Paul and Karine are expecting Baby #2. Well, Karine still is.

Paul Staehle IG heartbroken, family first, etc

As Paul's post contnues, he begins to get increasingly preachy, giving advice to "all fathers out there."

He seems to place the blame for his current situation on publicizing his relationship with Karine.

The suggestion seems to be that if he didn't put everything out there, Karine would never have left him.

Karine Staehle about Paul - it's ridiculous

"I will be deactivating all my social media accounts soon," Paul claims in a subsequent post.

He writes: "My social media addiction has caused me nothing but pain."

"It is time people put their phones and social media down," Paul proclaims, "and focus on your loved ones."

Paul Staehle IG I'll delete all social media (lol)

From these, it seems like Paul really believes that social media somehow destroyed his family.

In police documents and in her own limited public statements, Karine has not said anything of the sort.

She accuses Paul of controlling behavior and abuse, not of spending too much time on Instagram or whatever.

Karine Staehle Returns Pierre to His Carseat

But then, maybe that is why Paul is desperate for anyone and anything else to blame.

Similarly, he blames past relationship failures on all of the women with whom he has been -- even though he is the common factor.

There may be other reasons for his posts, however.

Paul Staehle, Karine Staehle, and Pierre Staehle

First of all, Paul is making these posts -- to the very social media that he is also condemning -- for his fans to see.

That means that he is likely trying to leverage his Instagram use (in contrast with Karine's more sporadic use) for good PR.

He wants to shape his image into a "family man," possibly in the hopes that people will pity him, or ignore Karine's accusations.

Karine Staehle Selfie with Husband Paul

But the second reason for that post, some fans believe, is that Paul may be getting into trouble with TLC.

Though spoiled seasons are extremely common, they are technically in breach of contract if they share too much before the season ends.

Some people think that TLC may have told Paul to get his butt off of Instagram or risk being sued. Food for thought.

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