Kylie Jenner Flaunts Political Cleavage: My Boobs Will Save Hong Kong!

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If you've been following her on social media, you know that Kylie Jenner's quarantine content has been of the highest quality in recent months.

Whether she's making wine mom jokes about drinking herself to sleep or twerking in a bikini, Kylie has been bringing her A-game on a daily basis, and fans are clearly appreciative.

Kylie Jenner in Utah

But these days, Kylie is no longer trapped in her $36 million mansion.

No, like other rich people who can afford to fly private, Kylie is once again free to move about the country.

Hell, if she's willing to grease a few palms at customs, she might even be able to travel internationally!

Kylie Jenner Rocks a Bikini in Utah

But Kylie didn't get to be a billionaire by being foolish.

So even though she probably could have obtained a work visa and traveled to Hong Kong to shoot the cover of that nation's (or administrative region of China's, depending on whom you ask) newest issue of Vogue, she almost certainly posed close to home instead.

But that doesn't mean she was able to escape discussion of the civil unrest currently tearing Hong Kong apart.

Kylie Jenner For Vogue Hong Kong

"Vogue babyyy," the reality star captioned an Instagram post featuring some highlights from her pictorial.

"Thank you @voguehongkong for this cover," she added.

Though the magazine dubbed this "The Action Issue," it seems editors went out of their way to keep the Kylie and politics sections separate.

Kylie Jenner In Vogue Hong Kong

"At the age of just 22, her beauty brand #KylieCosmetics has achieved far-reaching success, and she is also active in charitable causes including funding surgeries for children with cleft lips and palate through Smile Train," Hong Kong Vogue wrote on its Instagram page.

"Styled in #YSL's 2020 AW collection, Kylie embodies strength and determination," the magazine continued.

While it's nice that they acknowledged some of the important charity work that Kylie has done, it's also hard not to notice that the entrepreneur posed for a magazine representing one of the most politically fraught areas of the world, and apparently made no mention of the unrest there.

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Cleavage in Vogue

This fact was not lost on commenters, many of whom were apparently hoping that Kylie would express support for those opposing China's destructive policies in the region.

"What has she actually done to philanthropically contribute to the majority of the world?" ome fan asked.

It's been an interesting theme in Kylie's life in recent years:

Kylie in Utah

She just wants to pose in various states of undress, and the internet keeps trying to drag her into the political arena.

This is sort of like when the Surgeon General called on Kylie to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The girl's no idiot, and we're sure she has informed views on everything from the Hong Kong/China situation to the importance of wearing a mask in public.

She's just smart enough to know that voicing those opinions could have a damaging effect on her business interests.

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