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Selling Sunset viewers are reeling from the revelation that Justin Hartley divorced Chrishell Stause via text.

But some of Chrishell’s supporters are a little too enthusiastic, and she’s asking them to be nicer.

Justin Hartley with Chrishell Stause
Photo via Instagram

Chrishell found out via text message that Justin Hartley had filed for divorce.

45 minutes later, the entire world knew. She was totally caught off guard.

A lot of people on social media are taking her side — since she is the one who is sharing her story.

Photo via Netflix

"I SO appreciate all the love you guys have given for #SellingSunset  wow!" Chrishell tweeted this week.

"That being said," she continued, "some of you are attacking a certain person in defending me."

It is widely believed that the person who is being attacked is Justin, though that is the subject of some debate.

Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause, Pool PDA
Photo via Instagram

"I appreciate the sentiment," Chrishell told her fans and followers.

She wrote that she appreciates their intention "because certain things made me mad too."

"But," Chrishell expressed, "I hate feeling like someone is getting bullied."

Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause

"Want to help empower women," Chrishell said of her goals.

"And if my tweet has any say at all," she wrote.

Chrishell requested: "I just hope you can keep the passion but maybe minus the vitriol..?"

"Love you guys SO much though," Chrishell expressed.

Her tweet concluded: "and LOVE your enthusiam!"

That was not her only public commentary, however.

Chrishell has clearly been fighting an internal struggle.

She wants to both show her appreciation for support and take the high road.

In the case of the above tweet, she replied with the skull emoji — indicating that she is "dead," as in totally floored and entertained.

Writer, podcaster, and internet personality Ira Madison III used a popular meme of Kris Jenner wielding a gun.

The implication was that he was moved to homicidal violence (only jokingly) by Justin’s divorce text.

Chrishell’s response shows her internal debate as to whether or not she should "like" the entertaining tweet.

Another used a blast from the post from Sex And The City, referring to Charlotte’s reaction to being left at the altar.

The fan used the tweet to convey that they "curse the day" that Justin Hartley was born.

Chrishell was visibly entertained, informing the fan that this is, in fact, her favorite gif.

Photo via Netflix

As we mentioned, it may be that others and not just Justin were targets of the "bullying" described by Chrishell.

In addition to her on-screen "bully," there is also Sofia Pernas.

Sofia Pernas and Justin are currently dating. They also both filmed relatively nearby each other last summer.

Photo via Instagram

The fan theory is that they had some sort of fling and that Justin waited until a fight with Chrishell to use as an excuse to leave her.

We’re not so sure that we buy that theory, and we’d be leery of making an accusation like that without a shred of evidence.

Among other issues, Justin and Sofia have known each other for years — they were castmates on The Young And The Restless half a decade ago.

Photo via Instagram

Justin’s (other) ex-wife, Lindsay Korman-Hartley has shown her support for Justin during this awkward time.

His daughter, Isabella Justice Hartley, is a rising high school junior, and she has also shown her support for her dad.

This is likely a very complicated and emotional time for everyone involved. That’s the nature of divorce, especially when the people getting divorced are on TV.