Brian Austin Green: I'd Love to Bang Megan Fox Again One Day

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Back in May, it was confirmed that Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox had split.

Now, however, he appears more than open to the idea of rekindling their relationship.

Megan Fox with Brian Austin Green

Taking to Instagram Live over the weekend, Brian Austin Green spoke about his former marriage to Megan Fox.

When it comes to the idea of rekindling their relationship, he admits: “I never say never."

“You never know," Brian says. "I kinda feel like people are on paths in life."

Megan Fox and BAG Photo

He waxes philosophical, saying: "and sometimes your paths are together."

"And," Brian narrates, "you travel that path together."

He continues: "and you see eye to eye."

Brian Austin Green Promotes BH90210

"And then," Brian says, "sometimes those paths do different things.”

Speaking of Megan, he gushes that the two of them had “amazing 15-year relationship” and continue to love their “three beautiful kids,”

However, he acknowledges that their lives have now moved in separate directions.

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox in 2014

“We shared a lot together," Brian affirms during his Instagram Live.

He continues, acknowledging: "and we really went through a lot together."

“So right now the paths are different," Austin characterizes the current state of things.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Together

Austin says that their personal journeys have diverged "and she is on her path."

He states taht Megan is simply "doing what she feels she needs to be doing to be happy."

"And I’m on my path," Brian adds, "doing what I feel I need to do to be happy."

"And it’s not for a lack of love for the kids," Brian strongly emphasizes.

He iterates "or lack of being responsible."

Brian correctly states that "it’s really important to take care of yourself."

"It’s important for us as parents to take care of ourselves," Brian points out.

"I wish her all the best," he expresses regarding his ex.

"And," he adds a little oddly, "I wish myself the best as well.” He does note that perhaps his and Megan's paths might once again "run parallel" to each other.

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox Together

You hear Brian Austin Green say that he's open to rekindling things with Megan, and you naturally think two things.

One, of course he is. Everyone on the planet is "open" to being with Megan Fox.

Two, that's kind of sad and has some vague Divorced Dad Energy, if not anything approaching that of Ben Affleck.

Brian Austin Green in 2017

But in reality, he's just expressing a realistic view of how many possibilities the future may hold, and wouldn't want to rule it out now and end up eating crow.

Additionally, he doesn't want to come across as bitter that his hot, younger wife moved on -- with Machine Gun Kelly, of all people.

We're not saying that he's secretly bitter. He and Megan share similar worldviews in a lot of ways, and part of that includes an attitude of acceptance, if you know what we mean.

Megan Fox, Kids

Also, there's really no question that he and Megan are always going to put their kids first.

Self-care, yes. But never at the expense of their children's needs.

Megan once moved to a new house because she was convinced that her unborn child didn't like the current one. So yes, they'll put the kids first, even in goofy ways.

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