Big Brother Recap: Who Won Safety from Eviction?

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There is no such thing as safety in the Big Brother house. 

The latest episode of the CBS reality series delivered a string of revelations as the game kicked off. 

Nicole Franzel wasted no time in getting close to Cody, and it makes sense. They've played the game together already, and share several mutual friends. 

Cody and Nicole on Big Brother

Nicole was a surprise winner on Season 18, and Da'Vonne was the deciding vote to seal her victory. 

Da'Vonne, however, recalls working with Nicole in the game and it not being a good experience. There's something about Nicole that rubs most of the other players the wrong way. 

Every time her back is against the wall, she somehow manages to come out the other side without blood on her hands. But, as a former winner, the odds are against her making it far into this season. 

She and Cody are both making side alliances and reporting back to each other. On paper, that's a good decision, but when people start to compare notes, that will prove to be problematic. 

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18

Cody came to play this season, and his worry that everyone wants to be his friend because he was HOH was laughable. He didn't even want to make deals. 

It was ... something. 

Kaysar and Janelle are Big Brother legends, and Cody taking either of them out in the first week would have come back to bite him. 

It's probably a good thing that CBS had a contingency plan in the safety suite. 

Kaysar Ridha on Big Brother

Kaysar is analytical and has a good read on what is going on, so, of course he knew the writing was on the wall for him and Janelle.

Had they not used the safety suite, they would probably be the first nominees of the season. This is their third season of playing as a duo, meaning they only have loyalty to each other. 

Cody refusing to talk game with Kaysar suggested the Big Brother 16 alum did not think he needed to make deals, and that did not sit well with Kaysar. 

Unless Nicole F or Enzo pull off a surprise HOH win, Cody will probably be on the block next week, with Nicole F as a possible backdoor option. 

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother

The case for putting Nicole on the block is easy: She's a former winner. A lot of people seem to be forgetting that. She is great at the social side of things, and a decent performer in competitions. 

After Kaysar won the safety suite competition and chose Janelle as his plus one, Cody had to scramble to make some nominations. 

Cody has been unimpressed with Keesha thus far, and it's probably because this is only the first week. She's played before and knows there's no point in playing hard from the jump. 

Unfortunately for her, she chose to steer clear of the HOH, leading Cody to think she's against him, and that's on her. 

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother

Kevin is a bit of a wild card. He made it far during his original season, but he's playing a game that's too emotional thus far. In order to succeed in Big Brother, you need to take emotion out of the game. 

His breakdown to Cody suggested he was worried about being the first boot, and Cody handled the whole thing like a champ. 

When it came to the nominations, Keesha and Kevin were on the block, and Cody did not seem to be happy about it. 

We have the veto coming up, and it's possible Cody could have another target in mind. 

Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS. 

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