Mark Cuevas Introduces New Girlfriend in Wake of Cheating Scandal; Love is Blind Fans Wonder WTH is Wrong with Her

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Netflix tried to tell us, you guys.

As it turns out, however, not only is love blind... but it may also be deaf, dumb and ignorant.

And we present the private life of Mark Cuevas as evidence of this assertion.

Mark Cuevas on Instagram

Cuevas rose to fame on the reality dating series Love Is Blind -- and then he rose to infamy shortly after this program wrapped up its first season.

The workout fiend got engaged to fellow contestant Jessica Batten on Season 1 of the show, only for her to eventually call off the wedding due to the couple's age difference.

From there, Cuevas proceeded to date another contestant, Lauren "LC" Chamblin, only to be dumped by Chamblin amid rumors that he had been sleeping around behind her back.

LC learned of this other woman when a social media user alerted her to photos of Mark being unfaithful.

Mark Cuevas Picture

"I just broke it off with Mark, so I really do appreciate you posting this and saving me the energy on dating another liar," Chamblin wrote in response to this kind and helpful stranger in June.

"Mark and I were casually dating, but talked about remaining exclusive, especially because of COVID-19, but that's over now.

"The main thing I learned from the show and past relationships is that I deserve to be treated like a priority, and not an option," she added.

Cuevas, to his discredit, didn't deny banging someone else. He just claimed that he and LC weren't going steady.

Jessica Batten, Mark Cuevas

"I enjoyed spending time with LC for a few weeks, but at no point were we in an exclusive relationship, as LC confirmed herself," he said a few weeks ago.

"I wish her the absolute best."

Despite these serious red flags in his past, some very attractive woman has decided to give Cuevas a shot of her own.

"Thankful," he wrote as a very basic caption to the new photo below, tagging his presumed new girlfriend as "nope" because he doesn't want to reveal her name.

Mark Cuevas, Girlfriend

Anyone who feels sorry for Batten amid this chaotic romantic mess, meanwhile, can direct their sympathy elsewhere.

Just days ago, Jessica debuted her own new relationship on social media, introducing her followers to her new man, Dr. Benjamin McGrath.

"Happy Fourth! Freedom isn't free. I'm thankful to be able to follow my heart and choose my own happiness," Jessica Batten alongside photos with her lover, adding:

"I hope you all do the same!!!"

Jessica Batten, Boyfriend

Does Batten have any regrets?

It doesn't sound that way.

"For those who have asked, this is why I would do it all over again," Jessica wrote. "Can't wait to share some of our adventures..."

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