Peter Hunziker: I Can't Be Racist! I Sleep with ALL Women!

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As previously reported, Peter Hunziker has been fired from Below Deck Mediterranean.

The deckhand had only appeared on three episodes of the Bravo series prior to his ousting, which was announced by the network a few days ago and based on a racist meme Hunziker had shared on social media.

Peter Hunziker Sucks

The ex-reality star, however, has now broken his silence and scoffed at allegations that he has anything against African-Americans.

How come?

Because he's had sexual relations with this ethnicity and lots of others, as well!

For real. Hunziker has used this explanation as a way to explain his equal treatment of all women and people in general.

Peter Hunziker

The total moron got fired because he posted a photo to his Instagram Story of an African American woman tied up in bondage, along with the caption:

“When black men been doin you wrong your whole life and you decide to date the nice caucasian guy Peter from whole foods.”

Along with the photo, Pete wrote: “Pretty much.”

Peter Hunziker fired

In response to this digusting image and message, Bravo said very simply last week:

"Peter Hunziker of Below Deck Mediterranean has been terminated for his racist post."

Hunziker then deleted all of his social media accounts, but not before making matters even worse for himself via an attempt at self-defense and/or humor.

Peter Hunziker Fired

"It was a meme. Relax, I’m VERY sexually active with all races," wrote Peter on Twitter, to which a mystified follower replied:

"U still don’t get it. Be socially active w/ ‘all races’ doesn’t negate u being condescending and feeling superior to another race. And instead of learning from it, u give an excuse.

"Learn from your mistakes!"

peter racist

In response, Pete Tweeted:

“I understand my mistakes, I didn’t realize you [were] my teacher and I was being graded. I wish you health and happiness and [a] prosperous life.”

It's a pretty low bar and there are plenty of other contenders, but...

... might Peter Hunziker be the worst person in the history of reality television?

Peter Hunziker

“As soon as the post was discovered, the decision was made to sever ties with the cast member,” Bravo added last week.

“While the show is currently in post-production, Peter’s role will be minimized in the back half of the season.”

Peter Hunziker Photo

Due to the push for police reform and social justice around the country, the pasts of many reality TV stars has come back to bite them of late.

Hunziker's firing, for example, came one week after Bravo fired Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules.

Two other cast members were also let go due to racially-charged comments and actions from their past.

Peter Hunziker Below Deck

There have also been calls for Bravo to terminate Kelly Dodd because she keeps saying very dumb and close-minded things in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like, she just KEEPS saying this stuff.

Consider the latest example and join us in pushing Bravo to do the right thing.

Fire. This. Woman.

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