Lisa Rinna Trashes Bigoted "Karens," Declares: I Will NEVER Shut Up!

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Lisa Rinna uses social media for more than just thirst trapping her castmates and fans. She is an outspoken advocate of human rights.

But a small army of bigots have been threatening to boycott her brand.

Lisa Rinna Explains Her Point of View

Taking to her Instagram Stories this week, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna has some unhappy news to share.

"I am sad to report," she began ominously.

Lisa lamented: "it would now seem I can't use my platform to inform or question or say how I feel politically."

Lisa Rinna's Big Speech

Lisa explains that she may have to dial it back "because the Karens have bombarded QVC."

Apparently, a bunch of trolls have contacted the product sales channel "begging them to fire me."

"And," Lisa added, these beasts have been "saying they will no longer buy my clothes."

Lisa Rinna on the Warpath

"Karen" is a relatively recent slang, filling a void previously occupied by the longer "may I speak with the manager" label.

The term refers to white women, particularly those who are middle-aged, who weaponize their whiteness and femininity to cause trouble.

Specifically, these women appoint themselves as "behavior police," often in order to harass people of color and low-wage workers.

Lisa Rinna in a Dress

"It is a shame that I must be muzzled in order to support my family," Lisa laments.

"But," she writes, "that is just what it is."

"Remember you know how I feel," Lisa affirmed to her fans and followers.

Lisa Rinna IG I am being muzzled

"Use your voice," she encouraged her fans, "and vote."

Now, what sort of "political" content was Lisa posting?

It turns out that what had these alleged Karens up in arms was not really political at all.

Lisa Rinna Stands Accused

Rather than posting about politicians or policies, Lisa has been advocating for fundamental human rights.

"QUEER," "PROUD TO BE PROUD," Lisa has posted to Instagram.


Lisa Rinna Asks an Uncomfortable Question

Those aren't so much political slogans as statements of affirmation in human rights, upsetting only to full-on bigots.

"I will be on the right side of history," Lisa has affirmed.

And," she added, "in the end THAT IS WHAT MATTERS MOST."

Lisa Rinna IG supports basic human rights and dignity

"Speak Up," "Vote," and "Black Lives Matter," Lisa has expressed.

We suppose that vote is technically a political statement, but it is hardly a partisan one.

Is Lisa going to have to stop speaking forever?

Lisa Rinna Sips Her Tea

Fortunately, it seems that Lisa will not be silenced.

"I have decided not to shut up," she declared in a follow-up post. "Ever!"

That is heartwarming to hear. 

Lisa Rinna Enjoys Lunch With Her Daughter

"And," Lisa affirmed, "I will take whatever consequences come with standing in my truth!"

Again, she is just standing up for basic human rights. This should not be seen as partisan or political.

In conclusion, Lisa added: 'And... f--k off 'Karen.'"

Lisa Rinna IG I will never be silent

Lisa launched her line of QVC products in 2012.

Contrary to what many people imagine, getting rich -- Lisa is worth about $10 million according to online estimates -- does not guarantee lifetime wealth.

In order to afford her lifestyle as an actress and reality star, she must continue to rake in revenue to provide for herself and her children.

And Lisa?

It's a sad time when simple statements about disenfranchised minorities being human beings deserving of rights is seen as "political."

But then, our nation's partisan issues have become so toxic that some deranged people think that wearing a mask during a pandemic is "political."

It is not, it is about keeping yourself and others alive. And so, too, is advocating for the right for others to live.

Lisa Rinna Instagram

The people clutching their pearls at Lisa's simple statements of affirmation can be described in one word: bigots.

They may or may not be Karens, but if someone thinks that "don't murder black trans people" is controversial, they harbor hate in their hearts.

Fortunately, she is brushing them aside.

Lisa Rinna for Season 9

Will this hurt her business? It certainly may.

However, given how little crossover there likely is between elderly QVC viewers and Instagram users, the risk should be minimal.

We're sure that there was some backlash towards her and QVC, but this is a loss that she is prepared to swallow.

Lisa Rinna Looks Beautiful at the Season 9 Reunion

Lisa is choosing right over wrong, and hopefully, she won't pay any financial cost for it.

There may be more value in putting her brand on the line than in letting bigots win the day.

Just look at the financial rewards that Nike reaped after signing Colin Kaepernick. Sometimes, being good instead of evil pays off -- literally.

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