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Duggar pregnancy rumors are like Donald Trump’s coronavirus press conferences:

They happen every day, and you usually have to sift through a lot of BS in order to find a kernel of truth.

Jeremy Vuolo with His Wife

The latest to be accused of bump-smuggling is Jinger Duggar.

Fans are convinced that Jinger is pregnant with her second child and that she’s been concealing a protruding belly in recent pics.

But despite a plethora of articles exploring the possibility that Jinger is expecting, evidence remains scarce.

The theory seems to be mostly based on a photo of Jinger in a raincoat.

Jinger Duggar: Hiding a Bump?
Photo via Instagram

Fans are convinced she donned the protective layer in order to hide her burgeoning bump.

But it’s worth noting that Jinger was, in fact, walking in the rain at the time, which means she could have been wearing the coat for the more obvious purpose of protecting herself from the rain.

What’s really going on here is that fans desperately want Jinger to be pregnant.

Her reluctance to become a tireless baby-making machine in the years since she married Jeremy Vuolo has made Jinger an object of constant speculation.

Jinger on Easter
Photo via Instagram

Despite the fact that she already has a child, Jinger’s uterus is almost as obsessed-over as Jana Duggar’s.

Jana, of course, has been confounding her fans and family with her refusal to get married and start cranking out little Duggars.

Jinger did what she was supposed to do — married young, had a kid.

But then she did something no one could have seen coming — she stopped.

Jinger and Jeremy Rock Masks
Photo via Instagram

As you’re probably aware, Duggar women are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

The family adheres to the teachings of the controversial Quiverfull movement, the central tenet of which is that it’s the duty of all Christian women to have as many children as possible in order to overwhelm the populations of all other faiths and bring about a new world order.

So yeah, when Jim Bob and Michelle celebrate news of another pregnancy, it’s not just the thought of a new grandbaby that’s got them so excited,

They genuinely believe their family is one step closer to fulfilling its divinely-ordained quota.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy
Photo via Instagram

So the fact that Jinger seems to have no interest in breeding a baseball team is viewed as deeply problematic by both her family and the Duggars’ evangelical fan base.

In other words, there’s no real indication that she and Jeremy are expecting their second child.

It’s just something that a lot of people really, really want to be true.

And just like the people who desperately want to believe the coronavirus is a liberal hoax, Jinger pregnancy truthers will continue presenting bogus evidence on social media.