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It was all hands on deck to save Richard’s life on Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, and as expected, there were some complications. 

Catherine brought her estranged husband back to Seattle in a private jet, and wasted no time in hurling demands at those closest to him. 

“He is our #1 patient,” Bailey tells everyone, leading to Tom asking if they’ve ruled out dementia. 

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“Nothing is out of the question,” Maggie says to everyone in the room, visibly concerned about the wellbeing of her father. 

Richard wondered why everyone was treating him like a child, complaining that Catherine was with him at the conference, so there were no issues. 

For her part, Catherine went along with it, and ultimately got him to agree to the wide range of tests set out for him. 

This was especially tough for Meredith, because she was adamant it was not Alzheimer’s, and so she tried to prove everyone wrong. 

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She understood the symptoms were there, but that further pushed her to find something else. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you know that Meredith’s mother, Ellis, had Alzheimer’s, so she knows the symptoms. 

It was clearly too much to have more people die of the disease. 

DeLuca stopped by the hospital under the guise of looking out for his friend, but Bailey was not having it. 

She reminded him about the terms of the suspension, but still listened to some of what he had to say. 

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In one of the most bizarre scenes, Catherine arrived and yelled at everyone to work harder. She was visibly drained, and wanted to find a way to save Richard. 

She later admitted to Jackson she was beating herself up for not being with him in his time of need. 

While this was going down, Meredith and Maggie continued to inch closer to a diagnosis, but they worried when he could not draw a clock or a cube. 

Things took a dangerous turn when Richard went missing, and Meredith found him trying to perform surgery on himself, but in his mind, he was performing surgery on a patient. 

“Richard, I can fix you,” she said to her former mentor and the man who taught her everything she knows about surgery. 

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In response, he called her Ellis, and allowed her to help. 

But Richard didn’t know what year it was, and talks about Adele, aka his ex, right in front of Catherine. 

Meredith finds DeLuca looking for a medical reason for Richard’s actions, and while it seemed like she was going to scold her ex for still working, she said:

“Are you with me or not?”

He is so ready to help her save Richard. 

Meredith Questions DeLuca

Elsewhere in this dramatic installment:

– Koracick is blindsided to have to treat a kid who looks like his deceased son. 

– Amelia goes into labor, but it turns out to be a false alarm, but Link showed up for her. 

– Teddy realized that she wanted to get married to Owen and vowed to have a wedding that weekend. 

What did you think of all the twists and turns?

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Grey’s Anatomy airs its 16th season finale next Thursday at 9/8c.