Sister Wives Unite! Robyn and Meri Brown Explain Feud, Make Nice on Twitter

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Kody Brown does not like it when his Sister Wives are happy.

The narcissistic and misogynistic patriarch said this himself a couple weeks ago.

With this in mind, we have some pretty terrible news for Kody:


Meri and Robyn seem to be pretty darn happy right about now!

No matter what you may have seen from them on television this past Sunday night.

On the March 8 episode of this TLC reality show, Kody, Meri, and Robyn all offered up their perspective on what it means to think of “favorites” in polygamy, or “plural marriage.”

How, exactly, do the women handle it when Kody seems to like one spouse more than another? Or spends more time with one spouse over another?

Two Sad Wives

“It won’t always be you first,” Robyn said on air of the issue of inequality within plural marriage, adding:

“There definitely are times when you are a plural wife that your needs are not met, and it’s hard.”

Meri then explained that making each wife feel heard and loved is a challenge for Kody, but it's also something a woman must accept before she enters into this sort of union.

“I think we all need to feel like we got first choice,” the Sister Wives star said. “That’s when the magic happens, when we all have what we want and what we need.”

Sister Wives, United

How did this all tie into the main storyline on the episode?

Because both Meri and Robyn were told they would get the "last pick" of the land at Coyote Pass in Flagstaff, which is where Kody wants to build his controversial polarizing palace.

This looked as if it prompted some anger between the women, who at least appeared to be at odds on the episode.

But looks can be deceiving, both sides have since explained.


In a Tweet that referenced this supposed feud, Meri wrote that she was actually concerned about her fellow wife... and that producers edited their  exchange in a way to make it look fiery.

“What I actually said to [Robyn] but what wasn’t included in the edit was, when she walked off the property my first thought was, that’s out of character for Robyn, something deeper is going on with her, that reaction wasn’t about a piece of property!”

Robyn, for her part, took things a step further.

She showed all-out gratitude to Meri for how the situation was handled.


"I am so grateful that Meri and I can sit down and talk out our stuff," wrote this star, adding: 

"It was never about a stupid piece of property. It was just about feeling like I had a voice. I know that is what it was about for Meri too. Love you M!"

It's been clear over the past few weeks that Kody is trying stir up tension and conflict between the Sister Wives.

But his dubious ways and generally terrible demeanor have actually had the opposite effect.

Sister Wives: A Poster

Robyn recently defended Christine, for example, trashing Kody for putting a lot of pressure on her when it came to a decision over his dumb huge house idea.

“I don’t think it was fair that so much pressure was put on Christine for how she feels about one home,” Robyn wrote online a few weeks ago, adding of her co-star:

“She is being very honest and brave.”

Darn right!

Now you all need to be honest and brave and leave Kody Brown once and for all.

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