Scheana Marie: Brandi Glanville & I Both Banged Eddie Cibrian AND a Dude From The Notebook!

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If you're a Vanderpump Rules fan, you know that producers aren't giving Scheana Marie a whole lot to do these days.

To be fair, she has no one but herself to blame for the fact that she's been pushed to the margins.


Scheana isn't particularly close with the OG cast members, and these days, most of her scenes revolve around her interactions with the newcomers.

By that we mean Max, Dayna, Brad, Charli, Ryan, and other people whose names you haven't bothered to learn.

In fact, there is no Ryan, we just snuck that in to see if anyone would notice.

It's a pretty sad state of affairs, especially since Scheana has been prematurely cast in the role of meddling cougar due to the youthful nature of her new social circle.

Scheana Marie in Shades

Of course, there's sort of delicious irony in that development.

After all, when the show started, Scheana was the much younger "other woman" accused of breaking up the marriage of Brandi Glanville, her boss' BFF and a famous cougar in her own right.

These days, Scheana has joined the cougar club -- but it's not the first time that she and Brandi have been involved in the same venture.

They both slept with Eddie Cibrian, of course, but we now know they were bajingo sisters (It's a thing!) long before that.

Brandi and Scheana

This fact was revealed was revealed slowly over the course of two different episodes of The Danny Pellegrino Podcast.

“Any other famous hookups that you can tell us about?” Pellegrino asked Glanville, who has hooked up with a wide array of famous dudes, including both Joey and Ross from Friends (no Chandler, sadly).

“I had so many," Glanville replied.

“I dated a lot. I made out a lot. I dated one of the men in The Notebook. They were single at the time. That’s all I’ll say.”

Brandi Cleavage

When Scheana appeared on the show shortly thereafter, she stated that she also hooked up with one of the stars from the beloved 2004 tearjerker.

“Her and I have so many things and other people in common, considering we’ve both slept with someone from The Notebook," Scheana stated.

Now, she didn't specifically say that she and Brandi slept with the same cast member.

But she didn't deny it -- and considering the context (Scheana was discussing "people" she has "in common" with Brandi) we think it's safe to say they received the same D.

Scheana Shay on a Boat

So who was the lucky guy?

Well, the obvious guesses are Ryan Gosling or James Marsden, but here, it's important to remember that Brandi and Schean are both quite thirsty for fame.

If either of them banged an A-lister, they probably wouldn't be able to resist telling the world.

It probably wasn't James Garner or Sam Shepard either.

Scheana Marie Image

They were both quite old at the time, and are now dead.

Not saying it's impossible, but neither of them fits Brandi's "single at the time" description.

That leaves Kevin Connolly, who's perhaps best known as for playing E on the HBO series Entourage.

He's around Scheana's age, and he was single and did a whole lot of mingling in 2004.

Obviously, we're speculating here, but we think it's a solid guess. 

After all, the only thing that could make this story any more early-2000s would be the presence of an Entourage cast member.

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