Hannah Brown Jokes About Tyler Cameron's Impressive... Package

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We mean the following in the least disrespectful way possible.

But it really does seem to be true:

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are making the absolute most of this coronavirus outbreak.

Hannah Brown as Supergirl

As loyal followers of Bachelor Nation may recall, Brown and Cameron have been hanging out together more than usual lately.

This is because they're among a group of friends -- the self-proclaimed "quarantine crew"-- basically sheltering in place at a home in Florida.

We're sure they're taking their social distancing seriously (as least we hope they are), but Brown and company are also trying to make the most of this isolated experience.

To wit?

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron TikTok Dancing

During an Instagram Live video yesterday, Hannah, Tyler and the rest of their friends were working out... when viewers snatched a glimpse of the former Bachelorette playing around with her former boyfriend.

X-Rated style!

In footage that quickly went viral, the pair got dressed up in Superman costumes while they worked out with personal trainer Phil Fit.

“Put that thing away,” Brown joked at one point, as she covered the Cameron's crotch with a bandanna.

Hannah B. The Bachelorette

Brown selected Jed Wyatt as the winner of her Bachelorette season, of course, only to then break up with him a few weeks later because he was a huge, terrible liar.

Hannah and Tyler then dated for a little while, getting fans all excited about their future, only to also seemingly break up when Cameron started dating model Gigi Hadid.

How did they find their way back to each other?

It's unclear.

Tyler Cameron with Hannah

But the messages Brown and Cameron have been sending make it pretty clear they're back together.

Earlier on Sunday, for example, Cameron tried to teach the Alabama native how to say his first name without her Southern drawl in a TikTok video.

Later on, the reality stars revealed the television shows and movies that have made them cry -- which, for Brown, included her own show, The Bachelorette.

Then, there was this video:

About a month ago, Tyler sadly lost his mother.

According to E! News, this tragedy opened the door for a reconciliation between Cameron and Brown.

As lovers? As mere friends?

Different outlets are reporting different things about their actual status, but there's no debating how close the two have become over the last few weeks.

Ogling Tyler

"Tyler has definitely been leaning on Hannah and it feels very comforting to have her around," a source told E! News, adding:

"Hannah gets along with Tyler's family and friends and everyone loves her."

For his part, Chris Harrison only had nice things to say about both Brown and Cameron on Saturday night.

Chris and Hannah

“I love Hannah to death, you guys know that,” Harrison said during his Fireside Chat with Lauren Zima via Instagram.

He added:

“Tyler is a true gentleman, he’s a really good guy. I know he looks decent but, in all seriousness, he’s a true gentleman.

"He’s a good man, so if those two people find each other and they’re happy, I stan that. I ship that. I do all the things the kids are saying these days.”

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