Derick Dillard BLASTS Jim Bob Duggar: Thanks For Letting Jill Hang Out With Her Sisters!

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Just when we thought the war of words between Derick Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar had come to and, Dillard goes and launches an attack that practically demands a response from his rival.

You need a little backstory to fully appreciate the severity of Derick's trash talk here, so join us on a quick recap of recent events:

Jim Bob Duggar and Derick Dillard

Over the weekend, the Duggars started filming Counting On Season 11.

As a result, this is likely a very tense time in the Dillard household.

As you're probably aware, Derick Dillard was fired by TLC back in 2018 after launching a harassment campaign targeted at fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

In a move she likely regrets, Jill Duggar quit the show in solidarity with her husband.

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar: Date Night!

So now the Dillards have been cut out of the family business entirely, and Derick is working as a Grub Hub driver.

He's also attending law school, but the point is, with two kids to raise, Jill and Derick aren't exactly flush with cash these days.

Jill has appeared on the show one time since she quit, but only because she was present for the birth of Jessa Duggar's third child, and producers were left with little choice in the matter.

When Jinger returned home from LA and the Duggar girls went on a shopping spree over the weekend, Jill tagged along, but it's unclear if she'll be rejoining the show in a full-time capacity.

Duggar Sister Reunion

Not surprisingly, the ladies documented their excursion on social media, and Derick made a comment that confirms he's still on the out

"Glad you were 'allowed' to visit with them," Derick wrote, according to The Blast (the comment appears to have been deleted).

In recent months, Derick has been leveling all sorts of shocking allegations at Jim Bob, including a claim that the patriarch has forced his other kids to cut ties with Jill.

Derick seems to be implying that Jim Bob is "allowing" his daughters to spend time together during Jinger's visit, simply to keep up appearances.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Out and About

Dillard spent much of last year firing shots at Jim Bob, and it seems he has no intention of easing up now.

In one of the feud's most shocking developments, Derick claimed that Jim Bob keeps all the money the Duggars receive from TLC, essentially condemning his children to a never-ending state of poverty and dependence.

Insiders say Jim Bob is less than thrilled with his defiant son-in-law's comments, but he's biding his time, rather than lashing out publicly.

Folks, this situation will likely get worse before it gets any better.

And you can rest assured, we'll keep you updated as it continiues to deteriorate.

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