Peter Weber FINALLY Addresses Julie LaPlaca Dating Rumors!

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There are two episodes remaining in Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, and fan theories about who will receive Pilot Pete's final rose are bouncing around social media non-stop.

Usually, by this point in the proceedings, anyone who's dying to know how the rest of the season plays out can find reliable Bachelor spoilers all over the internet.

Peter on the Finale

But this year, producers have done a better-than-usual of keeping a lid on the outcome -- no easy feat, considering the show wrapped months ago, and all it takes to spoil the finale is something as minor as Peter being spotted grabbing a cup of coffee with his new boo.

Chris Harrison has been promising a twist ending and "the most dramatic finale ever" for months now, but he says that every season.

Still, the beefed-up secrecy surrounding this season's ending has led to speculation that we might really be in for a surprise.

And many viewers are convinced that Peter will wind up with a woman who is not one of his final three contestants.

Poor Peter Weber

First, there were rumors that Peter hooks up with Hannah Brown -- but those died around the time that reports of Brown getting a second chance as Bachelorette began to surface.

The other most persistent claim holds that Peter is dating Julie LaPlaca, a Bachelor producer whom he met on set.

Photos of Peter and Julie enjoying one another's company at social events have been circulating non-stop, but as many have pointed out, these two have now worked together on two shows and known one another for over a year.

It makes sense that they would occasionally hang out.

Julie LaPlaca

Adding to the suspicion is the fact that Peter has kept quiet about the rumors ... until now.

Yes, he finally addressed the Julie situation in conversation with Entertainment Tonight -- unfortunately, he didn't reveal much.

"A lot of people think it's Hannah Brown now coming in. Possibly Jules LaPlaca, who knows. There's so many choices!" Weber said about this season's final episodes.

"[There are] so many theories out there right now. It's kind of crazy to hear," he added. "We'll see." 

Julie LaPlaca and the Webers

Obviously, Peter is playing this one close to the vest, which is one of his job requirements.

So we're not terribly surprised that he refuses to confirm or deny the LaPlaca report

"Julie is an amazing, talented producer. Far be it for me to ruin anything towards the end of the season. But... seems much ado about nothing to me," Harrison said. "Unless I just don't know, which is possible."

Harrison went on to joke that the idea of a Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant is "horrifying" for a number of reasons.

Peter Weber with a Smirk

"Clearly that’s not what we’re there to do. That’s not the story we’re trying to create," he explained.

"I think it’s a wild story. But maybe it’s just crazy enough to be true!"

From there Rob Mills, ABC's Senior Vice President of Alternative Series, Specials & Late-Night Programming, picked up the torch and ran with it, effectively killing the Peter and Julie speculation.

"Well, I hate to get in the way of a good rumor, so I’m not going to confirm or deny about whether he ends up with a producer!" he said.

Peter Weber in White

"I don’t know how we’d ever top that though! But, it is crazy. What we’ve seen about the finale over the years is that the 'finale' is really on that night when the show goes live," Mills added.

There’s a lot of craziness, it’s a roller coaster, but I would say even now the roller coaster hasn’t ended, and it won’t end until after After the Final Rose."

Well, that's a nice try, Rob, but this rumor refuses to die.

Looks like we'll have to wait until March 9 to see what becomes of Peter's love life.

And if he winds up single in the end, maybe he should consider dating Julie -- apparently, the whole world wants to see them together!

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