Nicole Nafziger Announces Upcoming Trip: Is She Marrying Azan?!

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90 Day Fiance viewers have naturally been wondering if Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou will reunite in 2020.

Many fans of the TLC hit are eager for their wedding. Now, Nicole is teasing major travel plans ... hint, hint ...

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou Throwback

Will they finally marry, or is this just another meet-up? That's a question perhaps only she knows for sure.

Nicole may no longer be an active reality star, but she keeps her fans up to date on social media.

"Bed hair don’t care," her caption begins beside a beautiful natural selfie.

Nicole Nafziger IG tease upcoming trip 2020

She asks her fans and followers: "Do you have any trips/vacation coming?"

"Where are you going?" she prompts. So far, that's just a standard way of prompting Instagram engagement.

She looks beautiful, as always, but it's her words that have 90 Day Fiance fans excited.

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou in the Sun

"I have a trip coming up," Nicole announces to her eager fan base.

She shares that she will be traveling soon "and I’m so excited."

Now, Nicole doesn't spell out where she's going or for what purpose, but fans were eager to fill in the blanks.

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger

"Morocco!" predicts one fan, who seems to have skipped right past the idea of a second attempt at the failed Grenada trip.

"To see her fiance," another follower more conservatively guesses.

"If it has anything to do with Azan, not to be rude but it will get canceled last minute by him," one comment very rudely begins.

Nicole Nafziger and May at Disney!

The comment continues: "Unless you decide to go alone … hope it works [though]." You don't ... need to say that to her.

Of course, Nicole may be a fiancee, but she's a mother first.

Some fans think that this upcoming trip may have less to do with Azan and more to do with her daughter, May.

Is Nicole planning to take May on another Disney World trip?

Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss After Thanksgiving 2019

"She lives close to Disney so it’s not really a vacation. So … can’t be," one commenter opines in response. Hey, a day trip is still a trip.

On the one hand, you have to think that if this were Nicole's big trip to Morocco to mary Azan, she would just say so.

Their engagement has lasted for years and is no secret.

Nicole and Azan Tefou

They were on 90 Day Fiance, not The Bachelor.

Nicole announced last year that she was done with reality TV as a whole, feeling tired of backlash from fans impacting her life.

So ... surely she would come out and say it, right? ... Unless ...

Azan Tefou, Nicole Nafziger, and May

There are three main reasons for which Nicole might want to only tease her upcoming trip, even if it's to see Azan in some capacity.

One, for safety, to keep her travel itenerary under wraps to avoid snooping and potential harassment.

Two, in case she's unsure of some details and doesn't want to announce it until everything is set in stone. (Remember the Grenada disappointment?)

Or three, what if Nicole and Azan see 2020 as the perfect time to rekindle their romance, and opted to let 90 Day Fiance film their reunion or wedding?

Nicole Nafziger Looks GORGEOUS in a Magenta Dress

Whatever Nicole has planned, we hope that it goes well.

Maybe she's going somewhere on a family trip. Not necessarily Disney World, but that would be fun.

Maybe Nicole is preparing to meet up with Azan at a vacation spot, after his mysterious family emergency got their Grenada trip canceled.

But it's also possible that Nicole is gearing up for her wedding. From there, she would try to secure a marital visa to bring Azan back to the US.

Nicole Nafziger: there is no store

One of the advantages of no longer being on reality television is that Nicole and Azan no longer feel the need to, well, act like reality stars.

Legal and financial barriers already give them enough real drama without them having to conjure up explanations or storylines.

As fans remember, there was a time when Nicole had claimed to her family that Azan was opening a store with money that she had given him.

Azan Tefou: I'm Only 55% Attracted to Nicole Nafziger

The alleged shop was always very vaguely defined and there was never any evidence of it to be seen. It turns out that it was never real.

Fans also continue to quote Azan's words from years ago at Nicole, seemingly every time that she mentions him.

Azan at one point referred to his attraction to Nicole as a percentage.

Nicole Nafziger is Blessed

While many people considered this to be a cultural statement that was lost in translation, most American audiences considered it grounds for a split.

If Nicole were as offended by Azan's words as viewers were and really thought that he didn't respect her, surely they would have split up, right?

Nicole has spent recent months going back to work at Starbucks and using her weight loss to do Instagram promotions.

Azan Tefou Shirtless

Any trip upon which she may be about to embark, whether it's to Disney World, to Grenada, to Morocco, or elsewhere, is a result of hard work.

Few people can master the kind of dedication that a single working mom like Nicole exemplifies.

We continue to appreciate her hustle. 

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