Hannah Brown: Why TF Am I Getting Banned From Dating Apps?

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It's been a tumultuous year for Hannah Brown.

After getting dumped by Colton Underwood in an airplane hangar (How does no one talk about that coincidence anymore?!), Hannah went on to star in what many believed to be the most disastrous season in the history of the Bachelor franchise.

Hannah Sticks Around

Since her stint as The Bachelorette, recent months have brought an odd mix of good and bad news into Hannah's life.

First, Hannah won Dancing With the Stars, which is an honor for any celebrity, but is of particular importance to a "star" who appears to be deep into her fourteenth minute of fame.

Shortly thereafter, Peter Weber basically said "hold my champagne flute" and let Hannah off the hook by delivering a new candidate for most tumultuous season in Bachelor history.

Alabama Hannah Brown

In any case, following her impressive victory on the dance floor, Hannah returned to The Bachelor in a fashion that no one would describe as triumphant.

Yet again, she wound up making a sad, lonesome trek to her chauffeured SUV, broken-hearted and mascara-streaked, having once again failed to find love on the show that made her famous.

But hey ... Hannah is only 25.

Hannah Brown at the PCAs

That might be old by Peter Weber's standards, but it's quite young in the grand scheme of things.

And Ms. Brown has made no qualms about the fact that despite her recent misfortunes, she's still optimistic about her search for Mr. Right.

Unfortunately, it seems she's not getting the love she feels she deserves from one specific dating app.

Hannah Brown Instagram Photo

Now, Brad Pitt might joke about using Tinder in his acceptance speeches, but when famous people want to find other famous people who are DTF, they don't use the same app as us peasants.

Raya first gained widespread notice when it was revealed that Ben Affleck was using the celebrity dating app following his latest breakup.

So it makes sense that Hannah would want an account, but it seems the folks who operate the exclusive service believe she's simply not worthy.

Hannah Brown Promo Pic

Hannah griped about being denied by Raya in a recent Instagram story. 

"I don't know if you know this but I was the Bachelorette," Hannah said in a message directed at the app's admins.

"And I can't get on Raya. I've been on the waiting list for months now."

Hannah Brown Stuns

Brown kept a smile on her face throughout much of the clip, but she was clearly peeved.

"I'm done. Christian Mingle, here I come. I might not be allowed on Christian Mingle at this point, but Jesus still loves me," she joked.

Hannah seems aware that she might be coming off as a bit of a social climber these days, but she says her goals are as simple as ever.

Hannah Brown on Insta

"LOVE. I still want it. The real kind. Don’t give up on dreams. Work hard. Feel good enough. Feel capable enough. Don’t settle," she recently wrote in response to a question about what she wants outn of 2020.

"Believe you deserve it all. Give back. Be kind. Be strong. Don’t take bullsh-t. Be a leader. Learn from others. Gain wisdom. Get out of your comfort zone. Take changes. Stay hopeful.”

Well, we're sure Hannah will find love eventually ... but if the makers of Raya have their way, she won't be winding up with a celebrity.

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