Eminem Oscar Performance: Why Some Celebs Loved It and Some (Like Billie Eilish) Hated It

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When Eminem's pseudo-biopic 8 Mile hit theaters in 2002, it was an instant hit with critics and audiences, and the film's soundtrack became one of the year's bestselling albums.

Of course, Billie Eilish wasn't aware of any of this, as she was just 11 months old at the time.

Billie Eilish at the Oscars

Perhaps that's why Billie was one of the stars who seemed less than blown away by Em's surprise performance of the 8 Mile hit "Lose Yourself" at the 2020 Academy Awards on Sunday night.

You may have seen the above .GIF of an unenthused Eilish reacting to the rapper's rousing rendition of his signature song.

To be clear, no one really knows how Billie felt about the performance, as she hasn't offered any commentary on it or her viral moment.

And that wasn't Billie's only meme-worthy reaction shot of the night.

Billie Reacts

Here she is reacting to a Kristen Wiig-Maya Rudolph comedy segment that fell a bit flat.

This one also went semi-viral, and lots of folks seem to be under the impression that it was also a reaction to Em's performance, but that's what the kids these days call "fake news."

Of course, Billie wasn't the only star who seemed less than blown-away by Mr. Mathers' performance.


Yup, there's the legendary Martin Scorsese.

Perhaps he was just tired. More than likely, he was thinking about how he would probably rather be just about anywhere else in the world than front-and-center at the Dolby Theater.

Of course, both at home and in the crowd, many audience members were ecstatic to see Em - who famously skipped the Academy Awards the year this song was released - take the stage.

Eminem, Fist Raised

In fact, in a poll conducted by The Hollywood Reporter, "Lose Yourself" was ranked as the best-loved performance of the night, even edging out Janelle Monae's high-energy opening number.

So what gives?

Why were some celebs so obviously bored, while others - like Zazie Beetz below - absolutely smitten by the throwback jam.

Zazie Beetz

Well, it probably had little to do with the song itself, and much to do with Sunday night's messy, marathon Oscars telecast.

It was the lowest-rated broadcast in the awards' 92-year history,

At just over three and a half hours, the ceremony achieved the dubious feat of lasting longer than the runtime of The Irishman.

Critics felt the decision to go host-less for the second year in a row was a mistake, and the evening was marred by a number of glitches.

Kobe Bryant Smiles While Speaking

Kobe Bryant (above) was honored, but theĀ "In Memoriam" segment left out Luke Perry and several other beloved stars.

And the singer for that segment?

You guessed it: Billie Eilish.

Maybe she was just grimacing at the thought of what she would be asked to do later ...

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