Caryn Chandler Hospitalized, Undergoes Painful Surgery

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Little People, Big World...

... huge health scare?

It certainly would seem that way, based on a photo released on Wednesday by Matt Roloff's very serious girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Caryn in the Hospital

As you can see above, Chandler was hospitalized this week for a challenging ailment, documenting the fallout on her official Instagram page.

What was the procedure the reality star underwent? And why did she need a wheelchair afterward?

"Today... I said goodbye to the painful bone spur that had made its home on top of my foot for 2 long years," Caryn explained as a caption, adding of her soulmate:

"Huge thanks to Matt for being there to support me and help me recover."

Couple is Disneyland

For the medical record:

A bone spur is sometimes referred to as an "osteophyte" and is an abnormal growth of extra bone that develops when the body tries to repair a problem.

The foot is a region in which bone spurs often develop, making Chandler's surgery at least fairly common, especially if the spur was discovered in her toes or in the middle of her foot.

The important takeaway here is that Caryn should be just fine in the end and that this was nothing more than a medical hiccup.

Matt, Caryn and Bode

As Little People, Big World fans know well, of course, Chandler has been dating Matt Roloff for years.

The relationship appears to be as serious as it gets, with viewers of the aforementioned TLC program in for a lot more of Caryn than ever before on upcoming episodes of the series.

Upon confirming that his family's show will return with a new season on March 31, Matt made it sound like Chandler will be a full-time cast member in 2020.

Yup, Caryn Chandler Was There

This is what he wrote at the time:

Well! it’s official!! The waiting is almost over.. All the new episodes of #lpbw that we’ve been working on the past 6 months will now Air in just over a month March 31st 2020 is the date little people big world will return.

Catch up on everything that’s been happening in the roloff clan!

On #TLC with @carynchandler1 on the show ...You’re in for some good tv!!

Matt in Disneyland

Caryn is also quite a polarizing presence.

She got to know Matt back when she worked as the manager at Roloff Farms, which, yes, meant she also knew Amy Roloff pretty well at the time.

Amy has since come out and accused Matt of cheating on her with Caryn -- at the very least emotionally, if not physically.

"We had someone that worked for us for a very long time, on our farm,” Amy said in an interview last yer, refusing to even cite Caryn by name and adding:

"And I believe - this is all from my perspective -- that there was more than just friends going on. And I think that evolved to a point where that got in the way of our marriage as well."

Matt Roloff on New Year's

Elsewhere, in a trailer for new Little People, Big World episodes, Caryn talks openly about the unusual arrangement of dating Matt while he's still living on the same farm property as his ex-wife.

(Amy has since moved.)

“I think we’re all trying to overcome whatever stuff we have because we’re going to be together,” Chandler says in this preview, continuing as follows:

“It’s always going to probably be a little bit awkward no matter what we do, but it’s getting better and we just roll with the punches.”

Caryn Chandler and Matt

They're gonna have to keep doing so, too.

Because Matt have made it evident that Caryn isn't going anywhere any time soon, if ever.

“My goal is eventually to get married to Caryn,” Matt says in this same promo about Caryn, who tells him later on in the sneak peek:

“I’m here for the long haul.”

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