Amy Roloff Compares Divorce to "A Living Death"

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Amy Roloff is happily divorced.

Let's make that clear right up front.

Amy Roloff for LPBW

But just because the Little People, Big World star has moved on from ex-husband Matt Roloff -- like, VERY far on... she's engaged to Chris Marek! -- this doesn't mean Amy hasn't been through a lot in the romance department.

It doesn't mean she hasn't suffered.

Heck, in some ways, it doesn't mean she still isn't suffering.

During a Facebook Live chat this week, Amy was asked about her split from Matt, which took place in 2016.

Amy Roloff in Oregon

Specifically, someone asked Roloff the following:

"Amy, do you find Divorce for you has had many stages of Grieving.

"Especially since your situation has been very unique. Many years residing on the farm, far enough apart, but no real privacy."

It's been true: Amy only just moved away from the family farm, after living just 100 yards or so away from her ex for about three years after their divorce.

Amy Roloff in Idaho

In response to this question, Amy kept things very real.

"For me was like a living death," she explained of her divorce from Matt, elaborating as follows:

"Something died, is no longer there, and it broke - the marriage relationship. It takes time to let that pass and move on and see that life does continue and to be a part of it once again.

"Yes, life does go on, can be better but different."

amy chat

Amy has sort of become a divorce expert over the past several months, willingly answering questions and concerns from fans that are experiencing this same sott of relationship trauma.

"The one thing I didn't do was to expect to find someone to replace what was lost," Amy added in her Facebook response, referring to Marek of course and adding:

"It's a whole new chapter and a wonderful chapter of it's own. I'm stronger and believe in myself more.

"I'm learning so much about myself and about my new relationship with Chris that makes it better in a different way.

"Of course I'm older too. Hopefully I've learned something from my relationship and divorce."

Amy Roloff Eats Brunch

Elsewhere in this same conversation with fans, Amy was asked for advice about being a little person.

She was asked this by a mother who is a little person and who has a daughter that is also a little person.

How should the latter act toward the former?

"Just encourage and support her," Amy replied.

"So many possibilities for her, especially today, help her to see them and not be afraid to pursue them. And yes, there will be a lot that may get in her way but faith in herself can push them away."

With Her Dog

Amy, of course, has four kids.

Only one of them, Zach, is a little person.

"I'm a fan of community but that also comes with discernment," she added, concluded with these helpful words:

"Help her to see why she has who she has around her (besides you and family), her friends.

"Relationships goes two ways. Give and receive. If all you're doing is giving it won't survive the tough times when you need a friend.

"Anyway, I'm not sure how old your daughter is or what may be going on in her life, help her to believe in herself and faith and trust in doing the right thing. Even when it's tough."

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