Peter Weber: I Wanted to Quit The Bachelor to Be With Hannah Brown!

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While some viewers are crying foul about Hannah Brown's return to TV to appear on Peter Weber's season, how does The Bachelor himself feal?

It turns out that the moment that he saw her again, he felt an impulse to ditch the other contestants and run off with Hannah. Wow!

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber Backstage

On the Season 24 premiere of The Bachelor, Peter Weber had an emotional reunion with his ex, Hannah Brown.

They dated on reality television. That's a big deal.

They also porked four times in a windmill. Famously. And ABC is not shying away from that in the slightest.

It is only natural that they both have a lot of emotional baggage with each other ... but for Peter, it nearly broke him.

Brown is Back!

Peter has opened up about his experience -- just a little -- and reflected upon what it was like to lock eyes with Hannah again.

He says that he had truly believed that he was over his ex until that moment.

But when he sees her, Peter admits, he just wants to kiss her and be with her.

That's almost standard fare when it comes to seeing your ex again, if your breakup wasn't too nasty.

Hannah Brown on The Bachelor

Peter says that -- at least from his perspective -- the conversation with Hannah wasn't planned.

A producer had simply told him that Hannah was in an emotional state, so he went to check on her.

They had a very emotionally charged conversation, which resulted in Hannah's infamous mascara-smeared face.

Peter admitted to Hannah at that time that he didn't feel like he should be anyone's third choice.

Peter Weber as The Bachelor: A Photo

Peter admitted to the camera that he, very reasonably, wanted to be with someone who desired him as much as he desires them.

He had been so confident that Hannah would choose him in the end.

Instead, Peter admits, he felt blindsided when she sent him packing on her season.

But even after all of that, part of him wants to be with Hannah and to send all of these unknown contestants packing.

Peter and Hannah 4 Eva?

Peter even confessed that "I definitely considered quitting the show in that moment."

Does that sound bonkers to you? Even Peter knows that it was nuts to even think about missing out on this opportunity.

But Peter is very aware of his lingering feelings towards her.

If Hannah had asked him out instead of Tyler Cameron after she ditched Jed, Peter says that he would have been all for it.

Hannah Brown: I F--ked in a Windmill

Some viewers are absolutely outraged and incensed that Hannah is showing up at all on Peter's season.

If you have been engaging on social media about The Bachelor, and especially if that engagement has taken place with older users, you know this.

Some feel that she has overstayed her welcome on teleision, between this and Dancing With The Stars.

Hannah is a very polarizing person. The "windmill" revelation that made so many of us fall in love with her made others despise and resent her.

This is exactly why producers wanted her back, of course. That Peter had such a strong reaction just makes it even better, from their perspective.

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