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Well, anyone who was all worked up about Pete Davidson dating Kaia Gerber can calm down, now.

After three months together, Pete and Kaia have broken up.

Photo via Instagram

An inside source confirms to HollywoodLife that Pete and Kaia have split.

"Kaia and Pete broke up sometime last week," the insider shares.

Fans have suspected for days that the two may have parted ways.

No reason for the breakup has been given, and no one willing to speak to the media appears to know exactly where things went sideways.

Pete Davidson is Back

Pete Davidson is 26 years old and, of course, a star of Saturday Night Live.

He rose to even greater national attention in 2018, when he began to date Ariana Grande only to impulsively propose to her after a few weeks.

Ariana said yes at the time, but they ended up breaking up later that same year. Pete had a lot of emotional highs and lows in 2018.

Early in 2019, he was dating notorious hottie Kate Beckinsale, who is twenty years his senior. But they broke up months later.

Kaia Gerber Benefit Pic

Kaia is famous first and foremost as the daughter of legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford.

But at 18, she is a world-class model in her own right.

(And yes, she and Pete did not start dating until she was an adult, and given that his last girlfriend was in her forties, we don’t see Pete as a creeper)

Given her youth, Kaia’s dating history isn’t quite as notorious as Pete’s. But then, whose is?

Pete Davidson at the VMAs

Come to think of it, Pete hasn’t been spotted in Kaia’s orbit all month.

We’re totally willing to believe that they broke up last week, of course, but Pete was last seen leaving her NYC apartment in December.

Kaia actually ignited rumors of a breakup over the weekend, when she went on a trip without him.

That same weekend, Pete appeared in a video for Alexander Wang while making no mention of Kaia.

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Kaia and Pete breaking up isn’t really the world’s biggest surprise.

They’re both lovely people and most of their fans supported them long before this relationship.

But three months is a pretty solid chunk of time for a semi-brief fling between two famous, widely desired people.

And of course, cynics were claiming months ago that Pete would "sabotage" the romance.

Pete Davidson on IG

So far, there is no indication that either party is at fault for the breakup.

But people are sure to blame Pete, citing his mental illness as the alleged culprit.

This is ableism at work, pure and simple.

Pete has bravely chosen to be an adovcate for those with mental illness and to ease the stigma associated with it.

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Kaia Gerber will move on and take part in new romances. Pete Davidsonw ill move on and take part in new romances.

That, for those who feel inclined to pursue romance and don’t somehow win the lottery on their first try, is life.

They’re both famous and rich and hot, so it won’t be a problem. For now, they’re probably doing some post-breakup self care.

We wish them both the best.