Paola Mayfield Claps Back HARD at Accusations She's a Bad Wife to Russ

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This year, 90 Day Fiance fans have borne witness to Paola Mayfield's stunning post-baby body transformation.

She's flaunting her body in a new selfie, but when a troll accused her of being a bad wife, Pao clapped back hard.

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield Snap an Alluring Selfie

A few weeks ago, Paola Mayfield shared this mirror selfie snap.

In it, she is wearing very little and flaunting her breathtaking fitness model body, 11 months after giving birth.

She is leaning back against her husband, Russ, whose arms are wrapped around her as she snaps the pic (this is very relevant).

Many fans replied with adoration. 90 Day Fiance alum Larissa Lima commented: "Couple goals!"

paola mayfield ig clapback 2019

One vicious commenter accused: "She has no f--king respect for her husband!"

The hater included a series of unkind emojis to hammer their point.

Paola snapped and clapped back with a pretty sensible comeback.

"Who [do] you think took the picture?" Pao asks incredulously.

Paola Mayfield, Russ Mayfield, and Axel Mayfield Have an Incredible Halloween

What the hateful commenter was needling at is the long history within the Mayfield marriage of Russ being weirdly insecure about Pao's career.

Paola in a fitness model. She shows off her body at photoshoots and on social media. And it's a great body, too.

For some time, Russ' outmoded worldview made him wig out when Pao showed some skin for work.

There was particular drama when Pao had to wear lingerie for a music video when Russ had previously demanded that she not dress like that.

Paola Mayfield in a VERY Tight Dress

However, Russ and Pao have made it clear that Russ is considerably more chill these days.

Photos like the one above show that he's wholeheartedly endorsing Pao's gorgeous body.

As her husband, he should be happy to endorse her when she shows off as much or as little of it as she likes.

But some fans simply dislike Paola and will use anything and everything to get at her, even if they totally misfire.

Paola Mayfield Feeds Baby Axel Mayfield Celery Juice

There are legitimate critcisms of Paola Mayfield, if someone wished to make them.

Her behavior earlier this year was, well, absolutely bonkers, as she refused to let anyone else be alone with her newborn, Axel.

That may be explained by postpartum issues, of course, but things got a lot worse.

Paola revealed that she holds some anti-vaxxer views, and did not promise to fully vaccinate Axel. That should frankly not be legal.

Paola Mayfield in White Fishnets

But, as usual, her detractors find it easier to target her body or how much she shows of it when they target her with hate.

One commenter took aim at their most recent on-screen appearances.

"If they’re on pillow talk tonight I won’t be watching. Ugh!!!" declared one sourpuss.

Well, random Instagram user, we're sure that TLC will find some way to cope with your absence.

Paola Mayfield in Activewear

"I notice the wall of pictures ALL of PAOLA!! none of RUSS! none of her AND Russ !!" another clever troll accused.

Paola is a professional model.

This feels a little like looking at a married couple's bookshelf and saying why are only this author's books here, but not her husband's?

Because only one of them writes. And in this case, the answer is because only one of them is a model.

Again, if you want to level a criticism, make it fair and reasonable.

These attempts to "gotcha" Pao always backfire.

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