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Just days after signing a custody agreement with her ex, Meghan King Edmonds is getting mom-shamed left and right.

Are her three-year-old’s sleeping arrangements neglectful or even dangerous?

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Meghan King Edmonds took to Instagram to share a photo of her three-year-old daughter, Aspen.

"She asked me to tell a story about a baby and then Christmas lights," Meghan wrote in the captions.

She then marvels at "The magic of being 3."

Magic aside, fans were mortified to see a three year old in a crib, particularly such a small crib.

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After being bombarded by concerned comments and outright mom-shaming, Meghan King Edmonds penned a reply.

"Update: Yep she’s in her crib," Meghan acknowledged in her response.

"She climbs out when she wants," she explained, "and occasionally sleeps in her toddler bed."

It sounds like Meghan leaves it up to Aspen which bed she uses at night.

"But tonight Baby Alive had already claimed the (not-so-coveted) bed," Meghan’s addition continued.

"So AK opted for her too-small sleep sack, dock-a-tot, and wayyyy too small round crib," she explained.

Well, it’s great to have options for where you sleep.

And if Meghan is so chill about Aspen moving in and out of the crib, we have to assume that she is able to do so safely.

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"Because this girl is a firecrackin individual," Meghan raves about her fiesty three-year-old.

Her caption concludes: "and I challenge any of you to challenge her."

It’s wonderful to see her so proud of her preschool-age daughter.

And we’re sure that Aspen enjoys having some choice in where she sleeps. That way, every night is an adventure.

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Aspen actually just turned 3 very, very recently, on November 24.

"And just like that, POOF! You turned 3," Meghan exclaimed on social media at the time.

"My dear magical firecracker full of spice and zest," she wrote. "You will change the world. Go girl."

It is, again, a delight to see her be so encouraging.

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Keeping a child confined to a too-small sleeping space, particularly a crib, can be detrimental to their comfort.

In some cases, with small children, it can even be bad for their physical safety.

But if Aspen can enter and exit the crib without risking a fall or pinched fingers, we don’t see a problem.

If this were a cramped newborn in a crib full of huge stuffed suffocation risks, we’d all be singing a different tune.

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Meghan has had a huge year, ending her relationship with her cheating husband.

At first, his text-based affrair seemed to be something that they could move past. Meghan placed all of the blame on the other woman.

But over time, she became convinced that Jim had stepped out on her physically, as well.

Though Jim has strongly denied cheating with their former nanny, Meghan cannot see herself moving forward as his partner.

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Hopefully, once the drama dies down, the two will work out a level of comfort and a good rhythm when it comes to co-parenting.

That is tricky business, especially when a couple’s split was contentious from the start. And especially when the kids are young.

In the mean time, we hope that Meghan’s fans can remain level-headed when it comes to what they think of her parenting.

Mom-shaming accomplishes very little.