Matt Roloff Gives Thanks for Caryn Chandler on (Early) Christmas

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Matt Roloff celebrated Christmas several days early this weekend...

... but he didn't do so by himself.

Instead, the Little People, Big World patriarch gave fans yet another adorable look at his brand new granddaughter, as well as yet another reason to think he may be engaged in the near future.

Roloff Xmas Celebration

Over this past weekend, Matt posted a picture of himself... son Zach... daughter-in-law Tori... their newborn Lilah... and Matt's very serious girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

It was on this last person listed that Matt focused in his caption, too.

"@carynchandler1 is amazing!" gushed Roloff, explaining why as follows:

"She figured out how to hold 2 back to back Early Christmas events with the grandkids so everyone got their own individual attention while still celebrating and sharing as a United family."

Caryn Chandler and Matt

Added the TLC personality:

"@audreyroloff @toriroloff @jeremyroloff @zroloff07 thanks for Sharing your precious family’s with grandpa and chacha a little early this season so we can break away from the incoming cold weather and get to AZ where the temps are a bit warmer.

"We had the two best family Christmas parties ever."

Indeed, a couple days before the first snapshot posted above, Matt shared this next one one, which features himself and Caryn again, this time with his other granddaughter, Ember:

Ember, Caryn and Matt

Matt and Caryn purchased a home in Arizona several months ago, sparking chatter at the time that the former may soon leave Oregon and, with it, Little People, Big World.

It sounds instead like this will just be a vacation home and Matt is sticking with with the reality show that made him famous.

Will he also be sticking with Chandler forever and ever?

Which is to ask: Considering how ingrained Caryn clearly is within Matt's family, are the two about  to get engaged?

Caryn and Matt at the Farm

Chandler recently shot down talk of an impending  marriage, telling a fan who asked about the apparent presence diamond ring on her finger:

"we r just enjoying life with no rush - I promise to let ya know if that changes tho."

Moreover, she just wrote on Tuesday about how she makes a point NOT to refer to herself as an legitimate family member (and also not to step on Amy Roloff's toes).

“I am careful not to call myself their actual ‘grandma,’ but I love them just the same,” she wrote with a heart emoji when replying to a fan who called her a “great grandma” yesterday.

Caryn and Matt Together Again

Caryn and Matt have been dating for over two yeas and an engagement does seem inevitable.

Heck, the couple has even made up with Amy -- at least based on this photographic evidence -- after Matt's ex wrote in her memoir this summer that Matt cheated on her with Chandler.

Does this mean Caryn and Matt will agree to walk down the aisle at some point soon?

Actually, yes, we're gonna go ahead and call Matt's shot right now and predict: Matt proposes to Caryn this Christmas!

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